Se o quadro vai em uma cena do filme

por Quarta-feira, Junho de 24, 2015

È un progetto che mischia 3D con tecnica motion (pupazzi animati, come i Muppet’s per intenderci). Il risultato è sorprendente. Guardate:

A realizzare questo video sono stati due artisti Belgi, che spiegano: «Skullmapping is an artistic collective run by Antoon Verbeeck and Filip Sterckx. By using 3D projection mapping techniques, and a profound artistic knowledge, Skullmapping tells stories with stunning bespoke visuals. We create projections on buildings, in boxes, on shapes or simply on the ground, which results in the most surprising scenes. We add extra dimensions, optical illusions, and notions of movement onto previously static objects. Skullmapping deals with art in an experimental, technology-related way. We love to create our own projects, but we also work closely together with our clients to provide the most customized solution for their projects».

Mi piacerebbe entrare in un ristorante con questo benvenuto


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