Dinner with the Sex Toy

by Tuesday, July 11, 2017

An evening alone, that one is single or less, There's always need.

You get home your boyfriend is because there is out with friends, or your husband is away on business. Prepare dinner for kids – If you have -, you play a little’ and then put them to bed. If you don't have, or live alone and single, the thought is the same as who is also mom: “Finally some’ time just for me”.  Maybe take a hot bath without haste or enjoying a little’ relax on the sofa with your favorite.

And then you want something good to eat, a glass of wine and maybe even something more… spicy. Every self-respecting Gourmet Geisha in the fridge has always something intriguing with that please the palate, a bottle “right” Uncork and… un sex toy nel cassetto del comodino. The pleasure without guilt, of the rest,  should be taken to 360 degrees.

Wine, Food and pleasure are not so difficult to match. The game is fun, beginning I… In solitude, I pop a bottle of Champagne (one of my favorites, you know, is the Theophile of Roederer, great value!) and I'd get set some blinis with butter and Oscietra caviar of Calvisius or, Alternatively, with a little’ of foie gras. If you love cheese, Instead, Why not prepare a tuma piemontese with small pears Bronte cloves and a bit’ of white wine jelly? The gourmet “country” enjoy a slice of bread and salami (Maybe a Strolghino of Langhirano) sensual or culatello. None of these combinations for your perusal, così come il vostro sex toy.


Questo curioso gioco di abbinamenti wine-food-sex toys He suggested Lelo, specializes in design and high tech among the most interesting in circulation. Take for example the Mona Wave (Fuchsia one pictured above) : If you lean on the kitchen counter you could think of it as the ultimate of blender or maybe even a new tool to oxygenate the wine. In realtà è un prodigio vellutato studiato per ottenere il meglio dal misterioso G-spot (read here). Other innovative object is the Siri 2 (below), a kind of mouse that moves to the rhythm of music.

I tried them and they convinced me. The first one I like to use it as a single, the second in the company,  lo trovo un preliminare “different” (ma c’è anche la funzione che vi permette di registrare la voce del vostro amante! Quindi ottimo anche in solitudine 😉 ). Con Siri 2, il mio abbinamento enogastronomico perfetto è una bella bruschetta con cappelle di funghi porcini e una bottiglia di Rosso di Montefalco di Arnaldo Caprai oppure un La Firma di Cantine del Notaio. Se preferite i bianchi, Instead, butto lí il primo dei tanti che potrei suggerirvi, lo Chardonnay Cuvée Bois di Les Cretes, Valle d'Aosta.

E se siete in coppia, Lelo candle used to illuminate dinner turns into massage oil.

What else are you missing? Nothing I would say… Bacchus, love and imagination at all!

Live Yummy. Be Gourmet Geisha.


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