Love in the time of Masterchef. Downloaded to a sourdough

by Saturday, April 29, 2017

The sourdough is the Tamagotchi of gourmet.

The video game that has depopulated during the 1990s I I never understood: perché mai avrei dovuto essere dipendente da un aggeggio elettronico che riproduceva un alieno – or virtual pet, call it what you want – that had to be fed and cared for at all times, his death penalty and then defeat the game?

At the time of Masterchef, one of the things that makes the coolest follower of Chaudhary &co, among the great hopefuls Chef de cuisine Home, is having your sourdough. It is a natural yeast, which is formed due to the interaction between bacteria and has the advantage of baking products more digestible, with lower glycemic parameters with multiple, long-life compared with products made with yeast.

The sourdough has selected microflora and stable balance between yeast and bacteria. Once,  is kept alive and preserved by means of successive refreshments, i.e. periodic mixes with certain amount of fresh flour and water. Microorganisms that compose it must be constantly nourished and able to reproduce. Otherwise die, as the Tamagotchi. There are various ways to make refreshments: what it does is keep the coolest mother yeast and cool it at room temperature twice a day.

So do you happen to go out with someone who not only is very cute, but it is also a Fund who loves sautee. Invites you to dinner at his house, and remains amazed of his technical abilities as well as impiattamento. The kitchen alone robe you thought they could make only five chef run-in with so much equipment available. All this savoir fair cuisine is sexy. My god, also know as degorging a bottle of sparkling wine is bottled without intentionally disgorgement.

Is a monster, do you think. And start calling him Masterchef, fantasizing about what wonders will do in the bedroom: He knows so many between the hotplates, I figured between the sheets… You don't see wait to find out, so the phones and calls him out for a drink. A gourmet cocktail, ça va sans dire. The occasion is of those expectations high and so you want to invest: Champagne orders, caviar (the oysters don't like), red shrimp Tartare of Sicily and some other tapas foodchic I know I will. He appreciates, even the brand new dress that highlights your cleavage and heels 15 that occasionally, by mistake, the verge on the leg under the table. It seems like, laugh, joke, finite spesso pelle contro pelle. Ci siamo, do you think, ma poi, sul più bello, lui inizia a guardare l’ora.

Scusa tanto, ti dice, ma adesso devo andare, devo rinfrescare il lievito madre altrimenti mi muore.

Tu sgrani gli occhi stupefatta. Lui ricadrà la dose: più lo rinfreschi più migliora, a fine mese vedrai che focacce buone che ti faccio

La tua libido va da più mille a meno 50 sotto zero nel giro di cinque secondi. Lo guardi e pensi che tra un mese le sue focacce le assaggerà qualcun’altro, perché tu da stasera con lui hai chiuso. Nessuno ti aveva mai scaricata per un lievito madre.

The next time, quando esci con qualcuno, oltre che verificare preventivamente se è sposato o ha figli, indaga anche sul suo fanatismo culinario. Perché è vero che l’uomo che cucina è sexy, ma dipende quanto cooking addict è. Gli eccessi, you know, non fanno mai bene, tra i fornelli come nella vita. Figuriamoci in amore.

Vino consigliato per dimenticare il fattaccio: Capatosta Morellino di Scansano Poggio Argentiera, ovvero la passione, almeno nel bicchiere. Consolatevi così e non siatecapatosta”, ovvero testa dura: non cercate di redimere il Masterchef addict, non cercate di fare spazio tra voi e la sua pasta madre. Non vi bastano ex fidanzate e suocere, avete davvero voglia di dover fare i conti anche con un lievito?!



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