Men? They taste like a wine

by Thursday, April 27, 2017

More stappo wine bottles, the more I think that the passion, the physical attraction and even love follow a gestation period, step by step, closely resemble, too the sommelier.

I believe even many years ago, much to have it put in black and white in my first novel published in 2010, lately much copied ;). At the end of the chapter 4 the five protagonists Zoe, Alice, Alessandra, Giulia and the Narrator Cleo explain why they enjoy being called "The ' tasters ' club".

"First of all because we love taste something delicious and spin in a little glass of wine as we speak of us, of what happened during the day, of those shoes we've seen in the window and we want to buy, that dinner invitation sms arrived unexpectedly from one of the last known males at work», Zoe replied.

«Not only, though», taken the word I. "It's our general approach towards all things that can be described by" ' tasters ' ". Think hard, Alice: those who enjoy a Visual analysis, a smell and a flavor. Are not parameters, in General, We draw even us?»

Alice thought for a moment and then, giving a look hesitant at other girls, He replied "I don't know".

Then I went with my theory. "Let's start from Visual analysis, that second wine manuals performs an initial overall assessment on product quality. The main parameters that you evaluate are: color (and intensity gradient), clearness or transparency, consistency or smoothness, effervescence. Then there is the olfactory analysis that goes to discover and define perfume, intensity and complexity. Finally, gustative analysis, through which one evaluates the body, harmony and, Once again, intensity». I stopped a moment to think, then I stood up and pulled out an old library Guide to wine tasting and read: "After completing the three stages of sensory analysis, We come to the final stage, to describe general sensations derived from set of parameters. At this stage defines the taste sensation- nose, harmony or balance, evolutionary status, General impressions».

I saw that Alice had understood.

"Don't you think that it is the same case with you, I or any other person assesses anyone?», the pressed him.


foto 1

A few days ago I was flicking through the book that gave me the President national Ais, Antonello Maietta, The tasting. I was with some friends for an evening of “consultation” for one of them, He had to decide what to do with a guy who was coming out. To do so we decided to use the card for the sensory analysis of wine competitions. Here is the result:

scheda degustazione uomo


sample nr. 7 (Mark is the seventh guy Martina comes out and we asks for advice)

vintage 1970 (year of birth of Mark)

Boyfriend presentation category (If Mark had been in competition for the category “one-night stand” the score would change, by tapping the top)




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