Oenological notes for when love ends

by Saturday, April 22, 2017

When love ends, everyone reacts in its own way.

There are those who stops eating, those chocolate strafoga, who leaves home and who goes around with friends every night, who dives into work and who leaves for a holiday, those who opt for nail-philosophy-nail and crushes those who declare a withdrawal programme for love for quite a while’ of time. And then there are those photos together, you do not know what it: stracciarle or close them in a box until you will most feel bad? Not to mention the gift shop and bought things together. With those, It would be better to stand by and decide which make it after that pain is decanted, but almost never happens so. Most of the time is just on gifts, common objects and pictures that is unleashed its anger over that feeling shipwrecked who knows how and who knows where. And don't think more. You forgot even to get help from her friends. Or at least seek advice.

AND’ This also happened to one of my dearest girlfriends, When he decided to separate from her husband. He had gone to live, from morning to night, in another country, leaving home – among other things – his collection of wine bottles. When my friend was forced to move house, decided to do some’ ripulisti's wines, considering that many of the whites were no longer drinkable. «I thought were expired», told me to wrongdoing occurred. So, my friend had decided to throw in the sink the older white wines and even some red. Pity that among those – I found out later – There were also a Pétrus and a couple of vintages in the 1990s of Dom Perignon OEnoteque.

«Excuse, but you haven't thought call me before use as liquid plumber collectible wines?!», I told her, debated whether to be more irked or more amused.

Just no, I took it for granted that all wines after a while’ years went bad and then I started to know them with you,  It's not so much, who knew I…», was the answer, regretted having thrown to the wind large beautiful labels that he could share with her friends and a few thousand euro.

In Short, Please: When it finishes a love blame it all, but not with the bottles of wine from his cellar. That, close it and forget it for a while. The time will come when those labels are no longer bad memories, but precious gems to share with friends old and new. To your health.


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  • giuliavisci
    April 22, 2012

    “a Pétrus and a couple of vintages in the 1990s of Dom Perignon OEnoteque”…. It's always you???!!! This tragic addition I missed :(((

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