Christmas Pink (Lady)

by Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Pink Lady is the registered trade name of the fruits of varieties of Apple Cripps Pink that meet certain quality standards. The variety Cripps Pink was originally selected by John Cripps at the then Ministry of agricultureWestern Australia, hybridizing the Apple Australia Lady Williams with a Golden Delicious to combine the best characteristics of both apples. The result is an Apple at the same time sweet and crisp. One of my favorites. And if you're happy for Pink Lady addict, Here are a few recipes to try. Also for Christmas.


Alaskan Crab Salad with creamy Pink Lady apples®, lemon sauce and tonic water, Macadamia nuts grated

Insalata di granchi dell'Alaska con crema di Pink Lady

Ingredients For 4 people
1 fresh Alaskan Crab kg
100 g Pink Lady Apples
30 g Macadamia nuts
Extra virgin olive oil
Rice vinegar

Cook the crab 5 minutes in lightly salted boiling water. Cool, remove the meat from the shell and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, Rice vinegar and chives. Put the Cup custard apple Pink Lady®, Add the crab, the lemon sauce, the salad and Apple Pink Lady® cut julienne. Finish with the macadamia nut sauce.

For the custard apple Pink Lady®:
400 g apples Pink Lady®,

Peel the apples, Pink Lady®, cut them into small pieces and put them in a bowl. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and cook in microwave for about 5 minutes. Go and correct if necessary with Apple Cider vinegar.

For the lemon sauce and tonic water:
350 g lemon pulp
3 g agar
50 g beautiful yellow Peel
75 (g) sugar (If lemons were very fatty acids it is recommended that you increase the amount of sugar)
lemon yellow dye, If necessary
10 g extra virgin olive oil

Cook 5 or 6 whole lemons into the oven, wrapping them in aluminum, about 140° C for about 4 hours. When they are cooked, allow to cool slightly and then throw the water in aluminium, cut the lemons in half and strip, without taking the White. Pass the pulp of the lemon chinois sieve and add the agar, the skins and sugar. Let it cook for a few minutes, blend and add the colorant if needed. Finish by adding the tonic water.

Giant Vercellese rice with mushrooms creamy fresh almond paste, mixed sprouts and matches Pink Lady ® apples

Riso gigante Vercellese ai funghi porcini e fiammiferi di mela Pink Lady

Ingredients For 4 people
200g Giant Rice Vercelli
Chopped onion
Chicken broth
Pink Lady Apples®
Pea sprouts
Porcini mushrooms
Extra virgin olive oil
Almond paste frasca
White wine

Biondire chopped onion in oil, Add the rice: Roast and deglaze with white wine. Slowly add the broth and half cooking time, add the porcini mushrooms, formerly diced and sautéed with garlic and thyme. When cooked, stir in the almond paste, place in the pot and fill with buds, with the cerfolgio and with Apple Pink Lady® cut into sticks.

Pink Lady Apple Tarte tatin® revisited, with calvados ice-cooled liquid nitrogen

Tarte Tatin di mele Pink LAdy

Ingredients For 4 people
250 g caster sugar
80 g glucose
25 g butter
300 g puff pastry

Put sugar and glucose to caramelize. Got the caramel, add the butter and pour into aluminum baking cups, arrange apples Pink Lady® Peel, whole and cored. Bake in a water bath at about 145° C for about 30 minutes, then remove the apples from the plate and continue cooking in the oven for a further 45 minutes. Shape into discs of puff pastry in the diameter of the Pink Lady apples® and bake at about 185° C for about 15 minutes is arranged between 2 plaques, so to have an identical height. Once passed 15 minutes, remove the plates and sprinkle with powdered sugar puff pastry disks and put back in the oven to caramelize. Once cooked apples Pink Lady® arrange them on discs of puff pastry, with caramel frosting and complete with ice cream.

Calvados ice cream cooled liquid nitrogen:
50 g egg yolks
100 (g) sugar
450 g cream
150 g milk
25 g glucose
.5 lemon peel
150 g calvados
1/3 of cinnamon stick
2 pinches of salt flower
4 coffee beans

Mix the egg yolks with half the sugar. Put in a pot in milk, half of the cream, glucose, the lemon peel, coffee beans, Salt, the calvados and cinnamon: bring to the boil and pour in eggs, stirring well. Return to 85° C and chill, then add the remaining cream. The Foundation thus obtained will be cooled using liquid nitrogen.


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