Moretti new Chairman of Franciacorta

by Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The new Chairman of the Consortium's Vittorio Moretti Franciacorta.

The patron of Bellavista and Contadi Castaldi collects the baton of Maurizio Zanella, Ca ' del Bosco, that over the past seven years has led the Consortium also changed the Board and elected Vice President Silvano Bannister, Barone Pizzini. The composition of the Board, which demonstrate the various souls of Franciacorta, highlights the cohesion that distinguishes it and willingness to involve every subject that is part of it.


The shareholders ' meeting took place this morning in Erbusco and Maurizio Zanella was greeted by these words the shareholders in attendance: "I speak of almost seven years, those from President, but I'd go back in time, twenty-five years ago, When the Consortium was born, and Franciacorta, unknown to many, was the Cinderella of the classic method, with about two million bottles sold. Now much has changed, and thanks to your commitment, the Franciacorta is by far the first denomination of Italian origin in this type. I Say “We” but it would be better to say you, because I had the honour of chairing the Consortium, but above all to be hosted and being part of a community and an extraordinary territory, a community that welcomed me among its members and prompted me to share with you all the commitment and passion spent in favor of our wine and our territory. – Says Maurizio Zanella – "we have come to the end of this 2015 and at the end of my two terms as President of Franciacorta Consortium, prolonged for Expo 2015, the latest challenge faced together and then I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you for the honor and trust that you have granted, but also not forgetting the burden for me, This has been. "


Maurizio Zanella bequeaths a consortium structure that led, In addition to the improvement of product quality, the affirmation of the brand Franciacorta representative of a quality wine and expression of the Earth from which it came.


The work to date dedicated to promotion of Franciacorta is confirmed by the financial commitment that required, in 2015 about 86% of the budget was allocated to valorisation of the brand. The Franciacorta wine today has important awards in Italy and abroad, first and foremost the market. "Our efforts have rewarded", comments Maurizio Zanella, In fact, If in 2009 distributed approximately 9 millions of cable ties, not necessarily translated into bottles sold, at the end of 2015 It will come about 16 millions of bottles sold. "The results speak for themselves, Thanks to the efforts of all of you ", State Maurizio Zanella.

In recent years the Consortium has also grown as an institution: membership increased between bottlers (100 in 2009, 113 in 2015) and between vine growers (88 in 2009, 98 in 2015).


The seriousness and authority are the values that have marked the work of the Consortium, and will continue to do so, to address an increasingly qualified market, Italian and foreign markets.


If the exports today are not yet a large share of sales, they're still growing at double digits, over the past four years their value grew by 44,7%: key markets in Europe are Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, England; While in the World USA and Japan.


Maurizio Zanella concludes: "If the adventure for me as President of this consortium ends today, for the Franciacorta Franciacorta and I am sure the adventure has only just begun and thanks to the contribution of young members we will have a fundamental driving force to conquer new and important achievements that astound even us ".


"My term will be marked by continuity than what has been achieved over the past seven years by Maurizio Zanella"-says the new President Vittorio Moretti – "with him, and with all the advisers who here personally thank you, We shared a journey that gave strength and also "appeal" to our territory. I will continue with the same method: one side will deepen more and more the underlying values of viticulture and oenology, with a particular focus on the environment and the landscape, on the other we will spread in the world intangible values [the lifestyle] which are related to this great product that has made the "lifestyle of excellence" his first communication lever "


Continues the President Vittorio Moretti – There is only one, short, synthetic, sentence, You can enclose my thoughts and maybe even my mandate: "do everything you can, and even the impossible, because I am a businessman and entrepreneur loves challenges, so that the whole world could say in Franciacorta you breathe the same air ". "The guidelines of my mandate I shall summarize the, here, today, back to three values that have always characterized not only my "business culture", But even my beliefs on the concept of what makes life worth living, What makes life enjoyable, valuable and worthwhile. Are three simple values: TRUTH, JUSTICE AND BEAUTY. "


The Assembly has registered the presence of a large number of members. Compared to a total of votes equal to mount 2379 (in proportion to the production), were present 70 companies that represent the 69% of the total.


The Board of Directors of the Franciacorta Consortium: Carlos Claudia, St. Christopher – Laura Cats, Ferghettina – Imberti Lara, Ronco Calino – Riccardo Ricci Cusbastro, Ricci Curbastro – Giuseppe Salvioni, Ceo – Draft Michele, La Montina – Bannister Silvano, Barone Pizzini – Maiolini Simone, Majolini – Vittorio Moretti, Bellavista – Pardo Paul, Villa Franciacorta – Bersi Serlini Magdalene, Bersi Serlini – Biatta Loris, Marchesine – Biondelli Joska, Biondelli – Ferguson Francis, Cavalleri – Rabotti Emanuele, Monte Rossa – Rizzo Matilde, Fratelli Berlucchi – Vampire Joseph, Van Den Berg – Zack Maurizio, CA ' del Bosco – Ziliani Arturo, Guido Berlucchi.


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