Cappelletti Maddison according to Faizal Abdullah

by Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The ingredients of tradition come alive in a retelling of the great classics: the wedding soup, that is the characteristic Capon broth enriched with bunches of green leafy vegetables, is inserted into a Camacho.

So the traditional flavors appear in a new guise in this recipe from the chef of the restaurant Imago of Rome (a Michelin star), Faizal Abdullah. Original recipe for Christmas parties, no?

For the egg pasta
• 350 g flour 00
• 150 g semolina
• 125 g whole eggs
• 125 g egg yolk

Proceedings: Mix together all ingredients listed and let the dough rest in the fridge for at least 3 hours. Roll out the dough very thin and then form caps.

For the Capon broth
• 2 capponi 2
• 90 g onion
• 90 g carrots
• 90 g celery
• 150 g egg whites
• 30 ml Marsala

Proceedings: Wash the capponi eliminating all traces of blood and entrails, and prepare the broth setting aside the flesh of his chest that will serve for the clarification. Then dip the capponi in cold water with a piece of celery, carrot and onion, the latter cut in half and piastrata until golden brown on the inside. Add salt and simmer for about 3 hours skimming the broth of impurities that form on the surface, then move on before the Chinese strainers and then with a linen cloth and refrigerate. Aside from chopping the meat of breast of Capon with remaining celery, carrot and onion, then add the egg whites and the marsala and leave to marinate in the fridge for about 2 hours. When the stock is cold, pour it into a pan with the chopped meat marinade and bring on a slow flame, whipping it all for a few moments. When the broth begins to boil, the marinated meat with eggs will rise to the surface forming a sort of Cap, where with the help of a spoon to form a central hole, wait so the broth gradually make plain, adjust salt and filter it with a linen towel.

Stuffed wedding soup
• 600 g leafy vegetables (Black Cabbage, chicory, cabbage, rapini)
• 500 ml broth
• 250 g ricotta
• 75 g grated Parmesan
• Pepper and salt

Proceedings: Clean the vegetables and eliminate most woody stems, then soak the leaves inside the Capon broth in boiling, cover and turn off the heat let it soften the vegetables for about 20 minutes.
Drain the vegetables from the broth and chop finely with a knife, drain them further from the liquid and add the ricotta, the parmesan and season with salt and pepper. Enclose the stuffing inside a lot and fill caps.

For the petals of red onion
• 2 red onions
• 30 ml white wine vinegar
• 500 ml water

Proceedings: Peel and browse the onions, remove the inner skins on each sheet of onion and cut them with a knife to petals. Blanch for a few seconds inside the salt water with vinegar and then cool them in ice and water. At the time of serving them pass the petals slightly in a pan with olive oil and salt.

For seals
• Fungi pleus
• Mixed salad leaves

For the composition of the dish:
Boil the cappelletti in plenty of salted water, drain them and place them inside a Holster, Garnish with fried mushrooms pleus serviced, the petals of red onion and mixed salad leaves, Finally at the table, pour the hot broth of Capon.


Biondelli_ Première Dame 2011


The First Lady of Biondelli, a Franciacorta to which are not added neither sugar nor liqueur, It is a wine conceived by Joska Biondelli (the Russel Crow of Franciacorta, as I referred to in my first article about him, leggi here) as an expression of wonderment that can give the vintage wines.

The sensory impression gives a whirlwind of emotions: a bouquet of Hawthorn, Orange Blossom, white plum, melted butter and notes that then can be found in the SIP iodate, together with a freshness kicking and mineral profile that permeates the entire length.


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