Christmas at the restaurant: +2,8% with respect to the 2014

by Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Christmas for restaurateurs. Grow, In fact, attendance away from home for the festive lunches and dinners 2015, with 7,3 millions of Italians who choose trattorias & co. for lunch on Christmas day, thel 12% of the population, an increase of 2,8% compared to last year.

These initial estimates circulated by Fipe – Italian Federation of public services as a result of the survey “Christmas parties 2015 at the table” produced in collaboration with Format Research, on a statistically representative sample of the Italian population.

"The forecast for the holiday season in away from home are a further sign of good omen for the sector and confirms the positive findings of the report which our Federation recently unveiled – State Chairman of the Fipe Lino Enrico Stoppani -. The away from home is a market worth 76 billion and puts our Country in third place in Europe for consumption and attendance. A heritage to enhance and promote even during special occasions, and the planned spending of 308 million for the only Christmas lunch is an estimate encouraging for the industry and for the whole Italian economy. A further thrust towards a future marked by optimism, marking the overcoming of uncertainty incorporated in November following the events in Paris».

In detail, thel 10% of the population will have lunch at Christmas in a restaurant of the boot, While the 2% will consume it abroad, for an average cost per capita of just over 50 euro. More than eight out of ten Italians (the 84.5%), slightly down from last year, remain at home, given that applies especially for families, the over 55 and residents in the regions of Central Italy.

Passing instead to Christmas Eve dinner, the forecasts show an evening more “housewife” for 86.5% of the population (52 millions of Italians), in higher percentage over 55, families and people living in Central Italy. Overall 4,7 millions of Italians, that is, the 7,7% of the population, they will spend the eve in the restaurant, especially the children and young people and residents in the southern regions. Just over a million (1,9%) who will consume Christmas Eve dinner in a restaurant abroad, percentage that is growing significantly by climbing along the boot, especially among residents in the North East (3,8%) and North West (4,1%).


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