iSommelier, Techno-cool to enovictim

by Sunday, December 6, 2015

 It's called iSommelier and is the "intelligent" decanter which reduces settling of any wine with a purified oxygen flow.
With iSommelier, In fact, one minute of oxygenation of a wine of any vintage corresponds to an hour of traditional decanting, without its characteristics being minimally altered.
This operation: the wine is poured into the decanter and the display sets the label information (for example, vintage and type). With an initial phase of filtration of air from the surrounding environment, ozone and other gases are separated, eliminating potential negative factors such as dust, pollution and odors, that could affect the wine. The oxygen is then injected into the Goblet from the bottom up, so that the oxygenation is homogeneous (Read more here).

Watch the video on how it works.

In addition, a wine-related cloud base and jug, calibrate the process based on the parameters recommended by the manufacturer or user's choice.

 But not only is this cutting edge technology to have earned two prestigious awards at iSommelier: Thanks to iFavine App, available on Smartphones, You can program anywhere settling settings, as well as company avereinformazioni, the harvest and tasting notes. The App, In fact,promotes the interchange of data between the basement and the end user: on the one hand, the consumer can get the details about the production area and the vine, but also suggestions and post comments on wine. On the other, the producer can know in real time when and where it is consumed one of his labels.

 iSommelier is powered by iFavine, International Group born in 2013 and led by Chinese entrepreneur Eric Li. It is headquartered in Bordeaux, in the heart of one of the world's most important wine districts, to this you add those in Napa (California), Australia and China. In 2015 iFavine also debuted in Italy with iSommelier.

A new instrument, then, that allows you to sample within minutes even the most prestigious vintages and educate wine consumers, both experienced and novice.

Non mancano i perplessi soprattutto tra gli enosnob. Io non ho ancora avuto modo di vederlo in azione dal vivo ma ve lo segnalo perché mi sembra possa essere iscritto tranquillamente tra le techno-figate per enovictim.
Un oggetto certamente del desiderio non fosse altro che per il prezzo: about 1.500 euro.
Del resto il prodotto così come è, è stato pensato per il settore della ristorazione. Ma non temete, i bene informati dicono che a breve troverà anche una versione più alla portar di tutti.
Attendiamo fiduciosi 🙂 a meno che Babbo Natale non esaudisca anche questo mio desiderio 😉
Ps. Alla fiera Host di Milano, iSommelier, appena arrivato sul mercato italiano, ha ricevuto la Smart Label: è il riconoscimento assegnato ai prodotti d’avanguardia del settore e retail, sponsored by specialized exhibition in collaboration with design, Consortium of Politecnico di Milano. The Commission has recognized the special decanter made by iFavine as extremely good news in dellatecnologia, environmental sustainability, efficiency and method of use for users.


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