by Friday, December 4, 2015

Wine addict who are proud to communicate their passion wearing oenological reinvented as jewelry items.

The nicest, There is no doubt, is that of’Amour de Deutz, that under the capsule it conceals another bathed in gold and designed by the Parisian jeweler Pascal Morabito, ready to wear thanks to the built-in cord. I slipped into a chain a little’ più carina e non me lo tolgo più 🙂

Now here come the jewels of one of the hottest women of wine, Nadia Zaidi, the company's dynamic and versatile wine entrepreneur Zenato, present in 65 World countries with excellent wines such as Lugana and Amarone.

Nadia has turned what many other producers make for some time with the caps and capsules of their cellars, to give away to friends or on special occasions, in a real collection, theNadia Zaidi Jewelry. 

Bracelets, rings, baciamano, charms, Earrings, Collier & cufflinks, that have as a common use, and often even recycling, of Cork, caps and plugs, matched to the symbols of the wine world, for a result of whispered elegance, in an authentic Italian style.

Silver light, the glowing ones Zircons and precious stones clear tones and intense playing with decorative graphics, infusing the collection a glamour detail, passion fruit of Nadia Zaidi for his homeland and seduction toward new borders and cultures.

Selecting Nadia Zaidi Jewelry – Christmas 2015:

Wine Lovers Ring (my favorite): over Golden Cap Lugana Brut Zenato, standing in the cold light of silver and cubic zirconia ring becomes a blazing row over size, bold and imaginative.€ 150,00

Nadia Zenato Jewelry Wine Lovers Ring

Band Vanity Plus: in silver 9/25, the bright Golden Crest bracelet cubic zirconia crowns with Zenato, reported on every single over Cap, creating a set of great harmony and originality.€ 390,00

Nadia Zenato Jewelry Vanity Plus

Cuff Green Paradise: the gold and the red shield Zenato, the sides run five rows of Emerald stones joined by silver patterns.€ 230,00

Nadia Zenato Jewelry Green Paradise

Twins: in silver 6/25 give off a pure light contained in the unique shape of the supra caps with the emblem Zaidi.from € 50,00

Nadia Zenato Jewelry_Gemelli

Remember Africa Bracelet Charity Project: colored leather with Silver Crest "Z" 9/25€ 50,00

Nadia Zenato Jewelry for Charity Remember Africa





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