Gourmarte 2015 in Bergamo

by Wednesday, November 25, 2015

From 28 al 30 November date at GourmArte fair in Bergamo with the best food and wine from Lombardy: In addition tasting 100 excellent products, expertly made by skilled artisans of taste and interpreted in the kitchen 24 cooks, authentic stars of national frmamento as – just to name a few – Aimo Moroni, Claudio Sadler, Vittorio Fusari or Chicco Cerea.

A unique opportunity to meet the producers and their stories made of commitment, sometimes sacrifcio, passion and dedication; taste and purchase high quality products; sit at the table of the exclusive restaurant, the only one in the world to host in the kitchen 8 great chefs in conjunction, different every day; enjoy together with sommelier AIS the accurate selection of wines from Franciacorta and Valtellina the great Enoteca; attend guided tasting sessions by leading experts in the field; see original and exciting show cooking.

All this and much more is GourmArte, the event that – now in its fourth edition – each year attracts thousands of enthusiasts and increasingly demanding users, that make the pursuit of excellence, Typicality and authenticity power a matter of culture and lifestyle. The answer to this growing consumer demand for quality lies in the craftsmanship, that for generations passed on the secrets that have allowed over time to the Made in Italy to conquer all tastes from around the world.

To GourmArte the product selection is rigorous and is operated by a Commission of connoisseurs and wine critic and journalist driven Helium Galvan, creator of the event: each artisan taste that exposes a GourmArte is found for a product plan – offered for tasting to all visitors of the fera – considered the absolute excellence for its category: like the old time Confectionery Nougat Morlacchi, Citrus mustard of Fredo, the Roccolo Valtaleggio of CasArrigoni, the prized Calvisius Caviar, the Jamon Iberico de Bellota Pata Negra de la Fenice, the Melogranello of Quadigex, the Seriz wine 2013 Terre Lariane IGT of the coast or the Barone Pizzini, selected because organic pioneer in Franciacorta.

In this way within the event are enhanced reality of different sizes and characteristics: We are the guardians of taste, keeping alive the tradition of Lombardy; the masters of taste, companies now mature that over the years are highlighted by high quality, Ethics and business skills and design. Wide even to explorers of Taste, companies based in Lombardy,

that have distinguished themselves in the work of dissemination of products particularly sought after from their territories of origin.

The Restaurant, with open kitchens and elegant mise en place, It is finally the reign of interpreters of taste: chefs who contributed to hold high the banner of dining in Italy and worldwide lombarda: by Stefano Masanti to Philippe Leveillè, by Giancarlo Morelli to Riccardo Camanini, just to name a few.

Big space even to the tastings, guided by authoritative experts. From the "Giro di Lombardia of Salamis" at "Polenta" memory, from the "Disfda" a "nomadic hunting tortelli", by "Vini dei Gonzaga" Franciacorta: an unforgettable journey of taste through the regional territories and their culinary traditions awaits visitors in the space of the Lombardy region.



Saturday 28 November, lunch and dinner


Enrico Derflingher – President EuroToques community International

Queen Victoria risotto with prawns, Franciacorta and thyme


Alberto Riboldi – Castle Malvezzi, Brescia

Because egg fried with Goose foie gras , black truffle and cheese fondue with
formagella Collio


Antonio Banks -Umami, Bormio (I KNOW)

Mezzi paccheri di Gragnano with carbonara di Bresaola e porcini powder

Stefano Masanti Sport Hotel Alpina – Cantinone, Madesimo (I KNOW)

Apple wood smoked ROE, Porcini confit, chestnuts and broth of cranberries in Madesimo

Gianni Tarabini – Le presef de La Fiorida, Mantle (I KNOW)

Pumpkin cream with dell’ vegetable garden, pure-bred pigs rind cotechino whey, chestnuts of selva and drops of mustard

Dino Chale – Rolly, Manerba del Garda (BS)

Pudding of Mont ' gold, gold leaf, prawn tartare Garcia and cream bread.

Desiring Mangano – Li Jalantuùmene, Monte Sant'Angelo (FG)

Cavatellli ' mugnoli ' vegetable cream and toasted almonds and new oil

Emiliana battle and Matteo Sword – The Pasqualina, Almenno San Bartolomeo (BG)

Bitter chocolate biscuit with olive oil cream and sorbet with Clementine with Apple sauce


Zabaglione gelato and creamy coffee with saffron and soft corner


Sunday 29 November, lunch and dinner


Claudio Sadler – Sadler, Milan

Taton of puntarella and mozzarella with Cantabrian anchovies, with bubble of mozzarella .


Maria Cicorella – Former Pasha, Conversano (BA)

Broad beans & chicory


Desiring Mangano – Li Jalantuùmene, Monte Sant'Angelo (FG)

Cavatellli ' mugnoli ' vegetable cream and toasted almonds and new oil


Marco Conti -Trussardi, Milan

Spaghetti with cheese and pepper with sea urchins


Ilario Vinciguerra – Ilario Vinciguerra, Gallarate (VA)

Pasta calamarata, calamari and dehydrated vegetables

Philippe Leveillè – Miramonti l'altro, Concesio (BS)

Confit of duck leg to Sichuan Pepper, honey and balsamic vinegar

Giancarlo Morelli – Osteria del Pomiroeu, Seregno (MB)

Porcini-crusted lamb shank, potatoes and chicory

Dario and Sergio Sou – Pastry Morlacchi Zanica

Elixir coffee’ 100% Arabica from Haiti and Piedmont hazelnuts of Jose’ Noah on base stroisel

Garden of fresh fruit with white chocolate mousse and vanilla Bavarian cream


Monday, 30 November, lunch


Riccardo Camanini – Lido84, Gardone Riviera (BS)

The spoon Hare, squid liver and Green Apple

Fabio Abbattista – Happy Lion at the Albereta, Erbusco (BS)

Eel with activated carbon, cucumber, Green Apple and Chervil

Bean and Bobo Cerea, Paolo Rota – In Brusaporto (BG)

Risotto with beans and cod fish

Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani – Aimo e Nadia, Milan

Tortelli filled with Osso Buco to Fajardo and marrow in its sauce with Sardinian saffron and Parmesan cheese Ball

Angelo Sabatelli – Angelo Sabatelli, Monopoli (BA)

Pasta with shrimp from Porto Santo Spirito, beans and faith of chickpeas

Desiring Mangano – Li Jalantuùmene, Monte Sant'Angelo (FG)

Pork cheek with potato cream with saffron

Vittorio Fusari – The Pont de Ferr, Milan

Beat barbina (Gras feed) liquid vegetable salad and Mushroom broth


Kaniz Fatema – Web Site, Bergamo

Mont Blanc




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