Bacchus&Eros: the wines that seduce men

by Monday, November 23, 2015

Champagne put all agree, and it's not a big surprise if you think like the French writer Valery Larbaud:

The amorous adventures begin in Champagne and end in Chamomile tea.

The fact is that the wine more sexy for men, What excites them and that you should uncork to seduce them is him, the wine that makes it seem to drink the stars, as he put his deus ex machina Dom Perignon, and symbol of luxury, bien vivre, worldliness, joy, carefree.

The taste is transverse: from the sommelier at the firefighter, from executive chef, from the clerk enotecaro Champagne (Blanc de Blancs, White of blacks e dose not) is sexy for almost everyone, even or maybe especially for those “experts”.

In second place, behind little, There are Amarone della Valpolicella, Barolo and passiti, Sauternes species: the first and second Favorites from chefs, agricultural entrepreneurs, insurance advisors (in the face of all those who say that red wine does sleep more than ignite the senses); leader of raisin wine is Château d'yquem Sauternes and in General, followed by the most varied local productions. There seems to strange that a man can be seduced by a sweet wine? We do not in all lumped together, but remember that there are those who said they prefer it because "the third glass is the woman to be more sexy». Means that the high sugar content of this type of wine making “Allegre” faster. The same reason why men, apparently, ordering Gewürztraminer. Now you know, you see what to do.

Then there's the marketing man, gourmet, preferring to be seduced with a Saivignon Quarz of Cantina Terlano, There is what I prefer Negroamaro, the romance that goes to Chablis, There is an expert MILF enthusiast who prefers a Château Haut-Brion, There is the digital manager who loves Primitivo di Manduria "why dolce, dry and strong». There is no lack of to, in which you will find charts and Passerina Pelaverga überalles. If I were to put it as Antonio Capitani, Vanity Fair astrologer, Here it is fallocefali with sudombelico often in turmoil. Good for them. They can be seduced by surprising them with other “wines from bed” malicious names, read here

For all, to reflect the aphorism by Oscar Wild, which reads:

I have often noted that in case of married people rarely champagne is of premium quality.

If you want to be a @winesherazade and never stop to seduce your him also in the glass, you would not have 1001 WINES TO DRINK AT LEAST ONCE IN YOUR LIFE, see here! 

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  • Thomas
    November 28, 2015

    your google in french translation are catastrophic!

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