A biscuit for the Pope

by Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Pope's visit is a historic event and should be remembered in a special way.

For this the team of biscottieri and confectioners of Prato, heirs of a local secular tradition, they decided to set up a new cookie recipe that will be dedicated to Francis Pope and his visit of the 10 October in Tuscany. The delicacy will star in “A sweet thread”, review of pastry and biscuits of Prato in the program 14 and the 15 November at palazzo Buonamici.
Promoted by Confartigianato Imprese with the assessorato alle Politiche economiche del Comune di Prato and Province, the exhibition is organized by the Consortium for enhancement and protection of Meadow cookie.

The bakers have devised and implemented specially biscuit to celebrate the Pope's visit el ' idea is to combine traditional, innovation. Pope biscuit covered with a white icing flavoured with Vin Santo di Carmignano. A perfect marriage between the vocation of Montalbano, the cover of Sugar of the Val di Bisenzio and the cookie of Prato. This is an absolute novelty, that invokes the whiteness of the Papal robe standing yellow cookie dough, to recreate the colors of the Vatican coat of arms. Pastry chefs have so wanted to combine the tradition gained over time with the innovative creativity that characterizes a craft segment of true excellence, composed of a group of skilled professionals who constitute a point of reference in the panorama of Italian pastry.
The biscotti di Prato are world-renowned and have always traveled alongside the most beautiful fabrics produced by industries in the territory. So what better than a cookie they were the confectioners – can impersonate the identity and know-how of Prato. The cookie of Prato (than in the rest of Tuscany called IL cantuccio) is the King of the varied local production and now boasts over one hundred mouth-watering variations.
A sweet thread as usual visitors and tourists will find tastings, tastings, show cooking and lots of new things for Christmas. Now in its third edition, the Festival is again ready to transform the exceptional products of confectioneries and bakeries in a sensory journey to discover flavors and fragrances. Also confirmed in this Edition, the link with the world of solidarity and then the contribution for the tasting (5 euro) which is intended for the solidarity of the Caritas Emporium.
Tradition and innovation are the Red wire on the collaboration with the current exhibition at Palazzo Pretorio Synchronicity. Who will present at the entrance of the museum ticket of Palazzo Pretorio will have a small Pack of biscuits dedicated to Pope. Those who will participate in guided tours of the Museum (hours 17) the 14 and 15 November, will, In addition to gift box, the parchment with Papal cookie recipe.


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