Franciacorta, or how to make Expo at no cost

by Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The result deserves to be quoted as case history extraordinary by world marketing guru, Philip Kotler.

The data, of the rest, speak clearly. Franciacorta closes its expertise in Expo Milan 2015 with 1,5 million euro turnover in its exhibition space wine bar, 21.000 Uncorked bottles and 145.000 visitors.

The investment required for the space and to be the official sparkling wine of Expo was 1,3 million euros. If we add to this the costs of managing the wine bar Lady and the cost of the bottles I live right by saying that the operation should be in balance.

In other words, the action of World Expo's visibility, the Franciacorta is zero cost. Or if you prefer, If you want to count the non-collection of 21.000 some of the bottles 113 wineries led by Maurizio Zanella (above pictured with Richardmaingi Laghari), the figure is still impressive: every company has provided about 200 bottles, at an average sale price of say 20 euro, means that the Expo every cost associated 4.000 euros or so.

A success by marketing manuals. No ifs and buts.


The Franciacorta Consortium is the body that ensures and checks on compliance with the production of Franciacorta, first Italian wine exclusively produced with the method of second fermentation in the bottle to have obtained in 1995 the Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita. The Consortium's work is divided into different activities: from brand protection and territory, the valorisation of the product through a continuous work on specification and on the regulation of production; from consumer information to promotion of Franciacorta as an expression of a territory, a wine and a production method. Founded on 5 March of 1990 It is based in Erbusco, in the heart of Franciacorta. The Consortium is headed by Maurizio Zanella and counts 113 wineries.  


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