The Guide Identità Golose: free for all online only

by Tuesday, October 27, 2015

As you know well, I'm not talking about guides, There are already many other sites that do. But the Identità Golose is a revolution that we're waiting on other volumes: (b)paper rod, the version of the new edition of the guide is online only.

Paolo Marchi and its not only did this. The guide is free for all users and you can see from all devices HERE.

Certainly development costs will be covered by sponsors, but the initiative is still worthwhile and maybe sintono that the paper does not sell more in this area. The Edition 2016 collecting help 694 tabs – of which 162 unpublished – that tell as many clubs in Italy and the world (34 foreign countries considered. New entry : South Korea, Israel, Bolivia and Argentina), because the quality has no boundaries.

At the base of wealth and authority there is help the editorial work of more than 90 Italian and foreign contributors to which is added a preface by Paolo Marchi and editor of the Guide IDENTITÀ GOLOSE Congress .


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