Belvedere for Spectre 007

by Friday, October 23, 2015

Waiting for the 5 may come out in Italy the 24th episode of the saga 007 “Spectre”, where we can enjoy, ensures those who have already seen, a Daniel Craig sexier than ever, Let's enjoy the cocktails created for the occasion d Belvedere, first luxury vodka in the world, strictly shaken not stirred.

Below is my favorite recipe, PDF collection of recipes.

cocktail spectre belvedere 007

Belvedere SPECTRE 007 Martini

60ml Belvedere Vodka
10 ml Martini dry Vermouth
1 Sicilian Olives
5 ml Sicilian green olives brine

Gently stir the olive brine and based on the shaker Cup. Add remaining ingredients and ice, wavin' forcefully.
Filter twice and serve in a martini glass,

Garnish with an olive green siciliana.

' A twist on the classic dirty martini’

Mixology Belvedere_Ricette


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