Here's my new book!

by Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Here it is. I just received the first preview copies, You'll find it in bookstores and eBook format starting from 29 October.

I'm so excited… Let the press release prepared for the launch of the book.

copertina 1001 wines


The author, Francesca Negri, becomes the new Sherazade del vino.
The book is coming out in all the libraries of Italy and in ebook format from 29 October.

There is more than a good reason to buy the anticipation Guide 1001 wines to drink at least once in your life, published by Newton Compton Editori and in all the libraries of Italy (to 14,90 euro) and in ebook format (to 6,99 euro) starting from 29 October.

1. The first reason is that contained in title. This guide contains 1001 infallible wines, a guide to go without fail and choose a label that, for sure, do not disappoint. Prices range from a few dollars to thousands, impossible and unattainable bottles (In addition to unavailable) and accessible bottles, that will give great satisfaction. The 50% These labels are Italian, the other 50% abroad. The author is a full-fledged Sherazade wine pour daily into your Cup history and emotion that can satisfy my soul and palate.

2. The second reason is that 1001 wine is the first guide in Italy and probably in the world written by a woman. Francesca Negri, journalist and writer, Wine woman, wine tutor already Rai2 Said program, Blogger known as Geisha Gourmet (, He collected in twenty years of passion, before that work, an impressive number of tastings and sample labels over private and public tasting, in events, restaurants, or just at home sommeliers and wine lovers. But, as a journalist, his palate was not enough for her to draw up an ambitious guide that Newton Compton asked you to do. «To give fullest possible information to my reader I decided to cross all wine rankings available, from Italian and International Wine Spectator's, but also those of any single nation. A work of immense research and translation, but it was crucial to be able to establish a verified ranking not only according to my palate, but also on the basis of international criticism and the tastes of wine lovers around the world». An effort that the author has made in months of work and must be multiplied if you also consider the translation into Italian of all cards of foreign wines. This is because the author's choice was clear: "The boards have been designed as identity cards. In "tasting notes" – explains the Negri – I tried to follow, where available, the guidance of wine cellars: the choice is precise and underpins the idea that anyone who produces know describe his wine; that the tasting is subjective, and I like to think that each of us is free to find a chalice of wine aromas and emotions they like; the taste of each wine changes depending on the year you choose and then it is impossible to give a unique description. In this guide, In fact, I chose not to indicate the year of manufacture of the bottle you selected because, even if we know that certain vintages are more memorable than others, that particular label worth to be enjoyed forever, whatever the harvest that was produced. Finally, the labels were selected not only for the fame enjoyed by unanimously or because I believe are truly unforgettable and legendary, Some are less well known – and maybe not as memorable – but are representative of a vine or a territory that, in my opinion, worth discovering at least once in your life.

3. The third reason is to approach a new way to experience wine and tell. "I always wanted to live on wine and write it for what it is, or conviviality, passion, culture, traditions, effort of men and women, love for their land, landscapes – the author explains -. Live it and write it for that which is its normal use: an evening with friends, a tête-à-tête, a drink with the sunset in your eyes. In Short, mine is a romantic vision and maybe wine people, but it's what I believe, more than any other, can get to the heart of the people and get her to enjoy the pleasure of a bottle, understanding the values. For this reason 1001 wine is not a ranking of good and bad, but simply a playlist of labels that may be worth listening to in your glass. Is my playlist, my wine list, the result of years of tasting and a long and careful work that is based on personal experience and taking into account all national and international rankings in recent years that have decreed the best wines of the world and of every single nation. I'm sure your heart wine has not been included in this long list, I hope also that through this book you will discover other wines that will make you fall in love».

And precisely because the author knows that round the corner there may always be a new wine that is worth being tasted at least once in your life, just like a love story, the 29 October to coincide with the release of the book will be online the blog dedicated to Guide, where there will be discussions and news about book cards, "Extra" met after the closure of the volume that the author believes are deserving to be tasted, a space devoted to news and events, and the direct link to the blog and the online shop help.

The guide presents 519 Italian wines 482 wines from around the world, and it is absolutely not "francesecentrica", Unlike many other guides.

In detail, the breakdown is as follows:

Italy 46
France 33
Spain 12
New Zealand 2
Serbia 1
Portugal 2
Australia 4
Austria 2
Chile 1
South Africa 2
Great Britain 1
Hungary 1

Italy 122
France 47
Spain 12
Germany 10
Portugal 4
USA 21
Australia 10
Chile 4
Austria 8
Slovenia 3
New Zealand 10
Hungary 3
Argentina 2
Lebanon 3
South Africa 11

Italy 248
France 41
Spain 24
Argentina 9
Hungary 3
Chile 11
South Africa 18
USA 58
Lebanon 4
Portugal 6
Australia 1

Italy 30
France 11
Spain 15
Chile 4
Portugal 1
Australia 1
Turkey 1
Croatia 1
Israel 2
New Zealand 1
Lebanon 1
Hungary 1
South Africa 1

Italy 73
France 16
Spain 8
Portugal 5
Canada 4
Germany 1
Austria 2
South Africa 3
Hungary 3

Italy 519
France 148
Spain 71
Portugal 18
Germany 11
Austria 12
Hungary 11
Croatia 1
Serbia 1
Slovenia 3
Turkey 1
Lebanon 8
Israel 2
Australia 16
New Zealand 13
Chile 20
Argentina 11
USA 95
Canada 4
South Africa 35

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  • Aindreas Ridire
    October 27, 2015

    Sinceramente, non vedo l’ora di averlo fra le manisono molto curioso della suddivisione regionale in Italia.
    Ovviamente con un occhi di riguardo e di particolare interesse per la mia Sicilia!
    AND’ di questo che mi piace parlare:

    • Gourmet Geisha
      October 27, 2015

      Thank you! Manca poco dai, da giovedì è in libreria 😉 poi mi dirai

  • Matteo Deotto
    October 28, 2015

    Lo prenderò sicuramente, curiosissimo di vedere i vini presenti della mia regione, il Friuli Venezia Giulia, di cui mi occupo anche attraverso il mio blog. Congratulations

  • Franco
    November 6, 2015

    Titolo originale

    • Gourmet Geisha
      November 11, 2015

      Di questo, Dear Franco, devi parlare con Newton Compton. Di originale c’è molto altro nel libro, Anyway. Hello!

  • Franco
    November 24, 2015

    Il titolo non lo decide l’autore? Comunque una ricerchina su google prima di andare in stampa

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