Is the best Cabernet Sauvignon of emotions from the world 2015

by Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Is the Serbian Gold Medal awarded by the judges of the 11th International Wine Contest "emotions from the world Merlot and Cabernet together" ended at Bergamo last 17 October.

Podrum Radovanovic conquest with his Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Radovanović 2012 the highest title among the 60 Awards 78 international judges, representing the 25 countries of origin (including c'ero anch'io), they tasted 200 samples in competition on Friday 16 October at the Villa Betty Ambiveri in Seriate.

The highest representative of the medals table: 12 submitted by 17 Participating countries earned a gold medal. In the order 30 gold medals to Italy, 6 to Croatia, 4 to France, 3 in Israel, Serbia, Turkey and Malta, 1 each in Chile, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary (awarded for the first time).

Good also the Italian representative: of 30 medals assigned 10 are in Lombardy (respectively 5 the hosts bergamaschi, the Valcalepio Doc, and 5 the nearby mantovani), 8 venete, 5 Trentino, 3 Toscane, 2 Abruzzo, a Sicilian and Marche – coastal area.

As has been repeatedly stated by Growers of Bergamo and the Consorzio Tutela Valcalepio, organizers of the event leading to Bergamo international each year an important delegation of journalists and technicians of the international wine world, "Emotions from the world Merlot and Cabernet together" is the international competition with the highest ratio between the number of tasters and degustat samplesthe. Each judge is part of 7 tasting fees gathered in Seriate on Friday 16 October had job approx. tasting 33 wines during the morning.



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