In each of us there is a large beer

by Saturday, October 17, 2015

"In every person there is at least a good novel and a large beer».

To say it is the boss, of Calabrian origin,American craft brewery Dogfish Head, Sam Calagione. One thing that sounds very similar to the motto of Auguste Gusteau in Ratatouille “Everyone can cook”.

It's like a TV show led Gusteau to plead his “because” and wake your culinary talents in each of its viewers, so Calagione airs with "That's odd ... Let's drink it" which means roughly “How strange… Let's drink it!”, new web series of six episodes aired on the us site First we Feast. "I am convinced that in every person there is at least one large beer. There's no need of a brewer without fear like me to take it out», and hence by Sam CRT will attempt to turn us all into Brewer.

During transmission the volcanic American Brewer will be engaged in creating new beers from decidedly unusual ingredients, assisted in each episode by a celebrity with a passion for beer. In the first episode aired on 28 October, Calagione will work with celebrity chef Mario Batali on the topic of food waste, creating a special "ale" for Eataly New York using overripe fruit and vegetables and other goods unsuitable for sale but "perfect for brewing.

The appointment 28 October to find out to what extent it will be ready to go Calagione. In the meantime check out the trailer HERE.



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