Bacchus and Venus on 17 October in Mantova with Italian and French Rosé

by Monday, October 12, 2015

The link between Bacchus and Venus getting tighter to the idea"women iN pink mantoVa", review of the most important wines national and French Rosé.

The event, to be held Saturday 17 October 2015in the enchanting surroundings of the "Loggia del Grano", now home to theMantuan Chamber of Commerce, is the result ofcollaboration of 15 women, all members ONAV and ' tasters ' of wine, wanting to challenge the value of genius, of creativity, the ability to perceive and translate the aromas of wine aromas and spread the language across a more noble representation, the female.

Not surprisingly exceptional godmother of the event will bePia Donated Berlucchi, Vice President ONAV and prominent figure of the wine world, that well represents the strength and sensitivity inherent in the feminine temperament.


The manifestation, sponsored by Women For Expo, the municipality of Mantua, by the province and by the Chamber of Commerce, It aims to present the great cultural importance and wine education, the excellent wines "in the pink" of the Italian territory and representatives of France, not to mention the value of the art of tasting and moderate drinking.


The project will also be an opportunity to know what is the reality ONAV, which promotes courses to become wine tasters and becomes a vehicle for awareness and promotion.


The event is open to experts from the world of wine, amateurs, young, families and casual visitors and will take place from 11:00 at 20:00. Admission is free, the tasting course is € 10 ($ 10 associated ONAV, AIS, FISAR) + Pocket, deposit glass $ 8.



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