Dear Guide de L'espresso "what happened to you?

by Friday, October 9, 2015

The first thing that came to my mind while browsing through the new Italy restaurants Guide de L'Espresso was the beginning of that post that has depopulated a few weeks ago on the web, written by a fan to Jhonny Deep.

Thus began: “Dear Johnny, But what cazz happened to you? You were so bono, so charming, so frisk, I know a piece de sorco…and now???

This post, for all intents and, I could start it myself so, only that instead of the name of the beautiful and damned Pirates of the Caribbean there would be to Enzo Vizzari and his guidance.

Those who follow Gourmet Geisha assiduously knows who speaks little of scores of restaurants and wines awarded by various critics ' publications. But the new edition of the restaurants of Italy by L'Espresso, presented Thursday 8 October 2015 at the Leopolda in Florence, view of apparent anomalies that I must tell you.

Parlo del Trentino, region I know very well. The scores awarded to the best restaurants according to the reviewers conducted by rail have Enzo Vizzari, in my personal opinion, some concerns in many places. The most striking case is that of Dolomieu restaurant of Madonna di Campiglio. The chef Enrico Croatti I met him almost from the first day that took hold of the kitchen of the Hotel Tiziano DV Zambotti, I've seen it grow, I know that matter is made his culinary art and the passion that drives this young boy now involved in Romagna a Spanish project, Orobianco in Calpe. He along with Alfio Ghezzi and Alessandro Gilmozzi is the flagship of entertainment in the province of Trento. The great thing is that they are three totally different philosophies chefs including Croatti is definitely, maybe even for her younger age than the other two, the most whimsical and investigator. Shooting for restaurants and events not only in Trentino (or perhaps I should say, more outside Trentino than in Trentino) can I say Enrico is one of the junior staff of the most promising Italian cuisine.

I made this premise, I hope there simply sounds like a flattery, because in the Guide de L'espresso cannot jump to the eye to anyone is sitting at the table in Croatti of received 15/20, minimum score for Michelin. The same score was assigned to Castel Toblino starry not. The 1 Michelin Maso Franch, Malga Panna and Grizzly received 15,5/20, SCCL and El Molin 16,50/20.

Without taking anything away from any of the valenti cited restaurants, However, I have to pin the Dolomieu Croatti's in this ranking would have deserved the minimum 15,5 If not the 16/20. Unless I don't understand anything and that he is actually more “Donkey”  of the other (give me the word jocular, as jocular wants to be the cover image of this post). Personal evaluation, be forewarned, but I think you will find feedback from many of you. Even the 14,5 assigned to the 1 Michelin star ' Chimpl seems too strict.

Not listed, Finally, other locals now Trentino reference.

I wonder, then, What's happening at the helm?

Have you found these abnormalities in other regions?




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