Dinner dreams tête-à-tête with chef Rubio? Here's how to do it

by Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Is the dream of many in Italy, in many they would do anything for a selfie with him, let alone have it all to himself for the duration of an entire dinner. Yet this dream that seemed impossible today might become reality.

Chef Rubio, the”oiled and greasy at each” sexiest of Italy, is the”object of desire” auctioned online platform CharityStars, that allows you to win a charity dinner with him to support the campaign "Helpless" by Terre des Hommes on behalf of millions of boys and girls who are victims of violence and exploitation in the world.

Gabriele Rubies – aka Chef Rubio – former rugby player and Greasy face and Bisunti, tv program that engages in culinary challenges full of street food of major Italian cities, is opposed to violence against girls by supporting "Helpless", the campaign promoted by Terre des Hommes in view of UN day girls in the program October 11.

How to participate? Until 15 may just go on CharityStars charity platform (www.charitystars.com) that will host the Special Initiative "dinner with Chef Rubio" and make a donation to Terre des Hommes and the "Helpless". The auction closes, the most generous will own dinner in the company of the Chef.

"Helpless" campaign aims to collect funds to protect girls in domestic slaves and Ecuador Peru, prevent infanticide of newborn girls in India, support the education of girls at risk of early marriage in Côte d'Ivoire, Mozambique, Zimbabwe or in theatres of war as in Syria, Iraq and Jordan. To support the campaign "Helpless" and subtract to abuse girls in the world, Terre des Hommes offers everyone the opportunity to contribute directly to the protection and education of a child with SonoIndifesa membership, with a donation of 11 euro per month.

Thanks to the campaign "Undefended" the lives of many children exploited as domestic servants has finally changed: for example 100 of them were enrolled at night school and manage to complete studies. Many girls who are victims of exploitation and abuse, guests of the Center (Hogar) Yanapanakusun, have benefited from scholarships to specialize professionally. In Mozambique continues its commitment to defend girls from early marriage. In Italy he made several investigations into the abuse on children, that allowed us to get to a first quantification of the phenomenon in our country, costs due to its lack of prevention and a greater knowledge of the mistreatment of the same doctors and pediatricians, Thanks to start a postgraduate course on Child Abuse. Terre des Hommes is also putting on the net some medical centres of excellence for victim assistance.

Terre desHommesda 50 years has been at the forefront to protect children worldwide from violence, abuse and exploitation and to ensure every child in school, informal education, medical care and food. Currently Terre des Hommes is present in 68 countries with more than 870 projects in favour of children. The Foundation Terre desHommes Italy is part of the Terre desHommes International Federation, works in partnership with ECHO and is accredited to the European Union, the UN, USAID and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For information: www.terredeshommes.it


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