The wine is not sold to women with boy toy

by Friday, September 18, 2015

In the latest 48 the world of wine intelligentsia, composed mostly of males, questions about how will it ever be possible that now on Instagram &co the nectar of Bacchus is promoted with pictures of hot guys young and buff to enjoy a glass of red wine in place of the more provocative and sexy blonde.

Easy, because finally some of the male advertising agencies have realized/noticed that we women are the emerging targets (or already certain and “consuming well”? 🙂 ), like the rest of this blog and my Sex and the wine we say from good good 6-7 years.

Only that the content manager who finally had this vision are definitely males because otherwise a woman would know that girls wine is not sold by display of Pecs. It is clear, We greatly appreciate, or at least I appreciate much, not least to prove that you can drink wine and have a great physique (engaging). The point is, though,  that wine lovers wine live differently from a man. Live and choose how they would choose something else to make them feel good, to follow the mottos of the soul or to special faith and an appointment. The wine they want to be seduced, and like a man, but the game of seduction is more complex — as it is faceted wine — a bellone with glass (very often the glass — spagliato in red type Martini Glass! Things to bring down the libido to any wine lover; o calice troppo riempito) o la bottiglia in mano.

Che però apprezziamo. Finalmente.

Forse da oggi al ristorante la carta dei vini inizieranno a domandare a chi porgerla, invece che darla sempre di default all’uomo.

Santé Geishe Gourmet! 😉


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