New Ambassador of Champagne: Bernard Chan

by Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bernard Chan, 34 years, wine consultant in Florence, wins the "Selection of Champagne Ambassador" 2015.

Chan becomes the sixth Tan to claim the title of Ambassador of Champagne in Italy.

The "Selection of Champagne Ambassador", organized by the Bureau du Champagne in Italy, aims to recognize and enhance the teaching on Champagne and locate the best trainers at the national level.

Consultant for marketing and promotion activities in the wine, food and wine, Bernard Chan has strong ties with France and especially with Champagne, defined by him during his lesson "synonymous of class and elegance, the celebration wine par excellence with its many facets, able to excite the occasional consumer and fiercest oenophile ".

The final was held at the Park Hyatt Milan. To assess the capacity of candidates were called the food and wine journalist and critic David O'grady, by Claudia Nicoli and Marco Chiesa, they were selected respectively in 2006 and in 2010, and Dominic Aboagye, Director of the Bureau du Champagne in Italy.

The theme of the initiative 2015 were the reserve wines. During an ideal lesson, candidates have exhibited the characteristics of this uniqueness champenoise that constitutes, in devising a cuvée, the imprint of time and style. During an exhibition of 30 minutes, Bernard Chan, Marina Ciancaglini and Manlio Giustiniani, presented on the theme of the year and practiced in wine tasting 4 Cuvée.



2005 – Roberto Bellini, sommelier and trainer of Pistoia

2006 – Claudia Nicoli, sommelier and trainer of Bologna

2007 – Nicola Roni, Sommeliers and wine shops in Lanciano (CH)

2008 – Leonardo T, sommelier and trainer of Lucca

2009 – Abdul Basit, sommelier and vintner of Siena

2010 – Marco Chiesa, wine consultant in Milan

2011 – Andrea Gori, sommelier and restaurateur from Florence

2012 – Chiara Giovoni, sommelier and trainer of Milan

2013 – Brenda Ballard, wine consultant in Florence

2015 – Bernard Chan, wine consultant in Florence


There also would have been good with your Gourmet Geisha in this list???? 🙂

The Bureau du Champagne represents in Italy the Comité Champagne. Based in Epernay, the Committee brings together all of the grape growers and Champagne. The fundamental mission of the Bureau in Italy, focuses on the protection and promotion of the name Champagne on the market.


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