“Of vineyard in the vineyard” with Tiziano Gaia

by Thursday, September 17, 2015

Of vineyard in the vineyard

Comes out today, for types of torinese EDT, a new publication dedicated to the world of wine. Already I guess more than someone exclaim: «That beard!»; some other think you talk about why the author's friend.

Mackerel for the field from every possible misunderstanding: I know Tiziano Gaia abundant for a decade and good-naturedly fine palate envy, the happy pen and versatility that made him assessor, Reviewer, novelist, even film and theater director. End of the apology (get to know him better, Click here).

As for the book just came out, It is a colorful and innovative, convenient compact size, in Titian goes one Grand tour the vineyard in Italy 40 itineraries, each corresponding to the territory of one or a few denominations of origin. Are told about 200 wineries, some other famous unknown to most, all share one feature: the excellence of the products alongside the chance to stay overnight, eat, unwind in a spa or enjoy an art exhibition. All in one step (literally) the barrels in which they mature some of the greatest wine and heart (always literally) of wine landscapes known to the whole world.

Gaia takes us along all over Italy: from the Langhe to Salento, Valtellina the Sulcis, passing through the Chianti and the Amalfi Coast, Of vineyard in the vineyard enhances the concept of "wine tourism" and is dedicated to those who not only loves wine, but he believes that experience it firsthand – where it is produced – is the most exciting experiences.

The book, In brief

Of vineyard in the vineyard, 40 itineraries in Italy wine charm, Haute cuisine and hospitality
Publisher and year of publication: EDT, Torino 2015
Necklace: Varied Food
ISBN 978-88-5920-774-0
Pages: 352
Price:: € 23,50
Contains: • 40 routes from Trentino to Sicily • 200 • wine cellars 115 restaurants • 154 Hotels/holiday cottages • 20 Spa • 76 • swimming pools 200 try captive bottles on site • 103 box dedicated to culture and Loisir


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