2015, excellent vintage? Meet the Unione Italiana Vini and ISMEA

by Friday, September 11, 2015

Each September, the recurring question among insiders and outsiders is “who will be this year for wine?”.

They're asking me too many readers of this blog-magazine and then today the best answer that we can give you is this, fresh, We carry the full release and slide the ISMEA President, Castiglione.


Quality vintage: 47 millions of hectolitres, +12% on 2014 at the national level

Erbusco (Franciacorta, BS), 11 September 2015 – "Wine production estimated at national level in 47 millions of hectolitres, the 12% more than the 42 million disclosed by Istat for the 2014 (last year there was a particularly poor production). Caution is always a must when it comes to weather, especially if you consider that the weather of September will be crucial in determining a good or a good vintage especially for the quality of big reds. If these data were confirmed, the riguadagnerebbe Italy world leadership among the producing countries, Since France expects 46,5 millions of hectolitres (-1% on an annual basis) and about Spain 43 millions (-3%)”.

With these words, Domenico Zonin, The Italian Wine Union President, comments on the results of the survey made between late August and early September on national territory by the Unione Italiana Vini and Ismea in collaboration with the Ministry of agricultural food and forestry policies, presented today at a press conference held in Franciacorta at the farm Cà del Bosco. Speakers included: Domenico Zonin, The Italian Wine Union President; Paolo Castelletti, The Italian Wine Union Secretary General; Ignacio Sánchez Recarte Secretary General CEEV (Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins), Ettore Nicoletto, Managing Director of Santa Margherita and Maurizio Zanella, President of Cà del Bosco and Franciacorta Consortium. The task of closing the meeting was entrusted to the Deputy Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, On. Massimo Fiorio.

"This year," explains Ezio Castiglione, ISMEA President – Unione Italiana Vini Ismea and consolidate their efforts in the service of the wine world by proposing these processes as a moment of synthesis and institutional comparison in cooperation with the Ministry of agricultural food and forestry policies, with the goal of helping entrepreneurs in corporate decisions that are called with point data and objective interpretations ".

In summary we can say that the weather gives us a vintage grapes healthy and filling, at least compared to the average of recent years, and between the good quality and excellent -says Domenico Zonin. Even with all the precautions appropriate because we are 30% about the collection and at the end of the harvest is still missing a month, and aware of the variability between area and, the prediction of growth of 12% with respect to the 2014 and a very good quality media, motivate our moderate optimism ".

At the regional level, there has been widespread increases in nearly all regions. Exception Lombardy (-3%) and Tuscany (0%), regions last year were in contrast to the rest of Italy. Outside the choir even Calabria (-10%). Element that emerges clearly is returning grades considered normal, After the fall of last year, and a level of quality ranging from good to great, with peaks of excellence throughout the peninsula.

"The total quantity-adds Zonin – It is certainly very satisfactory: the increase in quantity of grapes and the growing gap between the prices of table wines and those with a designation of origin confirms the Country's production strategy focused firmly toward the territoriality, the designations, IE productions and high added value. A confirmation signal that establishes a justified confidence in the overall growth of value of Italian wine production with desirable reflections on export 2016 where at this point, escaping the bearish grip sets this year by Spanish wines, We can expect more substantial revenue gains compared to 2015 ".

 "The estimates formulated by ISMEA and UIV – explained Ezio Castiglione, ISMEA President – are the result of careful reconnaissance activities carried out in early September through a distributed detection network throughout the national territory. With most of the early grapes and sparkling bases already in the cellar and directions on ongoing made and collected, We can provide a reliable predictive framework quantitative and qualitative developments of the current year. If from a productive point of view the conditions for a positive year there are all – added Castiglione – the observation of market dynamics calls for caution. The result of the harvest this year is part of a rather complex situation, species in common wines, subject to strong competitive pressures in Spain. The scenario that emerges is of a two-tier market, with the segment of wines with a designation capable of maintaining a good remuneration and to grow in foreign markets and the wine range common in more critical condition, already penalized by major downturns in prices ".

"The good year – said the President Zonin – can have a positive impact also on the domestic market suffering, now, for several years. We are convinced that a renewed wine quality backed by adequate pricing policies, in an economic context that is offering repeated signals slight recovery, will help bring the Italian consumer consumption more consistent with our product. To achieve these results is, however, necessary that the industry share pricing strategies capable of ensuring stability and medium to long term to those who work in the market. I'm confident on the maturity reached by land and dies on the knowledge gained from a production sector that is reaping success for many years in international markets ".


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