Allegrini Winery of the year and Marilisa candidate for Person of the Year by Wine Enthusiast

by Friday, September 4, 2015

AND’ a few days ago the news of Marilisa Allegrini's candidacy as "Person of the Year" by Wine Enthusiast, and yesterday was made official an Italian victory: Winery of the year of Gambero Rosso, the most coveted award in the wine industry by driving "wines of Italy" curated by Marco Sabellico, Gianni Fabrizio and Eleanor Guerini.

It is also to be crowned the Allegrini Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2011, by 14 consecutive years in Wine Spectator rating with score above 90, who won his 19th Tre Bicchieri, bringing the company to record share 31 Awards by Gambero Rosso.

It is an honor to receive recognition so important by a veritable institution like the Gambero Rosso; a satisfaction that satisfies the efforts of hard work of a lifetime, and a huge joy that I share with my family. Every day, We all work with passion, with the sole objective to make a wine unique and recognizable, faithfully following the innovative philosophy but authentic inherited from my father. I am glad also to the reasons of the award who were able to give birth to one of our true values added, our agronomic Heritage Hill, This intuition of my dad "comment Marilisa Allegrini.


Winery of the yearAllegrini – Motivations
Marilisa Allegrini and Franco were able to bring the company founded by father Giovanni to be one of the highlights of the national wine, growing beyond regional boundaries and at the same time remaining closely linked to the territory of origin. Now more than one hundred hectares of vineyard in Valpolicella, distributed along the slopes best exposed the designation, shunning by the Valley and, Indeed, chasing the freshness that only the high hill can donate, for a solid production and high integrity.


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