Sagrantino patron, Returns the Madonna della cintola in Montefalco

by Saturday, July 18, 2015

There are those who call terroir. The link between wine and territory everything around us, made of people, culture, Customs and, Yes, even art. A term coined in France, It is not by chance. Because there the God Apollo arts and the God of wine and Ecstasy Bacchus, have a tight bond.

An example on all, the majestic Cathedral of Reims where were crowned all the Kings of France, with the stained glass windows of Chagall and the three glass plates 1950 depicting wine jobs, unique in their kind. Has always been supported by all producers of Champagne, I know how valuable the terroir with all his wealth to create the suggestions made in the bottle and sold (almost) like diamonds.

Wine is the liquid beauty of an area. Has a soul that concrete might not be the same.

And in Italy? Few, very few examples where Apollo and Bacchus made joint venture. One of these is celebrated today in Montefalco. After 167 Today back to the Renaissance masterpiece the Madonna della Cintola by Benozzo Gozzoli, painted in 1450 for the high altar of the Church of San Fortunato in Montefalco. The Umbrian town had donated to Pope Pius IX in 1845 in Exchange for the title of city. Donatella Tesei, Mayor of the city, He found the funds (60thousand euros) for the restoration of the great altarpiece, obtaining in return transport from Pinacoteca Vaticana, Where is he, for the exhibition in the Church-Museum of San Francesco in Montefalco, from the first January today.

An operation made possible by agreement between the municipality of Montefalco and others including private Consorzio Tutela Vini Montefalco and Arnaldo Caprai along with other entrepreneurs in the territory.

Today the terroir, in Montefalco, It is expressed in all metaphors that should have. From today the Sagrantino is even more good.



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