Shame not have met before

by Sunday, July 12, 2015

Shame not have met before… Did you happen to say or even think at least once in a lifetime? To me Yes, and it happens with both ilvino both with people.

Today, for example, I tasted the Gelsaia Piave Malanotte by Cecchetto. Not long ago I met a wine able to move me so. Made me think, sorseggiandolo, to those you take overwhelming loves the soul (and they usually don't have alas a happy ending), with whom would you end up not moments ever and you've never quite. The same wish I tried it with Gelsaia.

Pity not to have met before, longest I could enjoy it. But now I leave it more.

Different, Instead, If this thinking refers to a person. There usually is about someone you like but is already committed. And maybe you are too. But love, like wine, It should be tasted. And if you find in the glass there is always a reason.


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