More you hot, pay less hotel

by Friday, July 10, 2015

"It's hot" you pay less with us: escape from the heat has never been so affordable ". This is the holiday proposal launched by a hotel of San Pellegrino pass to Moena (Val di Fassa – Trentino) with the aim of transforming the discomforts of scorching heat that you record these days in the cities of the plain in a wonderful opportunity to save on the cost of mountain holiday in Trentino, where traditionally the temperatures are much more pleasant.

"So you earn the physical but also the purse of our guests – explains Mauro Maharaj, sales and marketing manager of Hotel Monzoni Passo San Pellegrino -. The proposal aims to transform the differential between the temperatures that occur in the cities of residence and that is born of the visitors and to Passo San Pellegrino in an important occasion on normal hotel rates. With a beat you could say economic born in Trentino tourist spread: the more you refresh, more savings!”.

The formula designed by marketing companies and tourist management Mira4Tourism is very simple: upon check-in we will compare the temperature of San Pellegrino pass and the city of origin of tourists using the site that shows the data of all the places in Italy. So it's hot in the place of residence of the guest and the higher will be the discount on stay on the basis of the formula 1° C temperature difference = 1% discount on room rate.

This is an absolute novelty in the world of tourism in Trentino and in Italy. There is only one precedent linked to bad weather. Two years ago as part of Lido Palace Forum | Tourism Today&Tomorrow the Marketing expert Franco launched a Fat Revenue proposal to remodel the hotel rates inclement weather especially for bids related to the weekend or parallel to offer special incentives, always with the aim of encouraging the presence of visitors especially in the Resort with spa and wellness centres.

This time, however, the weather does not Center and Passo San Pellegrino-popular winter holiday's, famous for hosting retreats of major cycling team and the possibility of winter practice freeride – Tip on good weather and the heat to offer intriguing vacation deals.



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