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by Saturday, July 4, 2015

The other day I had a emergency meeting with my friends. One of them, In fact, He launched the red alert. The first exit with a guy who had the devil in four to take her out was an intersection of commedia all'italiana to Lino Banfi with similar to many times where Fantozzi tries to approach Ms. Silvana.

He had given appointment under his Office for an aperitif. They were gone in a room that he attended regularly and where he ordered a bottle of Champagne, a Roederer Brut. Brilliant, He thought she. Time to uncork and drink a glass, chatting more and less, then he gets a call that is not responding. The phone continues to ring and he does a little’ nervous, but tries to hide. She, thinking it was something to work, invites him to respond. He declines, says that it doesn't matter. Now is there with you, that is beautiful, who dreamed for years to be able to attend, that is so sexy. Then bleaching. Because in front of their table was placed a girl, Watch him with hate and asks explanations.

Summary. The guy in question also came out with her for a few months and with her also with a couple of other. Our friend.

What's wrong? In general anything, except when you want to be polygamists would do it with a little’ of intelligence. The betrayal, the plurality of reports, is for people with a certain cunning, much sagacity, so much presence of mind and a lot a lot a lot of memory. The horizontal or vertical and the oenological aren't sentimental thing that everyone can face. When you're polygamists you can't bring the same girls in the same places or in your home. Not only is elegant, but it is also infinitely stupid because all know where to find you, put only to make you a surprise that then turns into a catastrophe like that happened to our friend.

She, ignorant and guilty only of having accepted the invitation to an aperitif, had the embarrassing public bollocking force-feed the girl nr 2 (or 3 or 4), that meanwhile had discovered all the stories of his friend, I had followed and had decided to drive him. In the most striking manner possible and with our friend how unfortunate “cornuta and mazziata”, meaning they had consumed at least something… Thank goodness, We agreed, that on the table there was one good bottle of Roederer which, While the other girl ranted, She was preparing to enjoy, calm and even a little’ amused. And he? After a while’ He managed to drag his lover out of place and disappeared. You are no longer made to feel. At least this was smart.

After having dissolved the storiaccia with a laugh, also we opened a bottle of Roederer and we started doing some consideration. Because in all these years of honoured sentimental career, It was not the first time a similar situation happened to any of us. Some were even worse.

Because men do not clear immediately things? Why to take you to bed try always to make you feel the only? Why offend your intelligence raccontandoti colossal balls (usually she is a ex still madly in love with him) that evidently think you believe (all those muscles toned should make you realize who believes much in himself) like I'm a born yesterday (could be a compliment, shows many less years you, but at that time makes you just piss off)?

It shouldn't be hard to figure out how to do it, haven't seen a James Bond movie?!

I believe that nowadays none of us will be more willing to tell and to believe fairy tales, but I prefer to get in front of cards in order to decide whether to raise or leave the game before you slip into ridiculous situations, where it is often too late and a Champagne is not enough to get you back your smile.




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