If the gourmet dishes to stop foreplay

by Monday, June 29, 2015

On FB I see daily photos of beautiful recipes where food is a sculpture, Nestled in the pot. Very often, portions are super minimal: 2 shrimp, 4 Rigatoni, 7 half sleeves…

If those dishes were delicious as I think they are, I'd be uncomfortable: would like to receive one of those breathtaking kisses that make you want to have again and again, but no, Sorry, finished the charm in 2 bites. For me the gourmet kitchen must satisfy all the senses, must let me try greed and lust mainly at tastebuds. I don't want to do the good girl, I want sin and sinning as much, because it doesn't happen every day.

When I sit at the table of a gourmet chef, the hope is to have multiple orgasms, not a coitus interruptus. Instead, it seems to me that today we are more geared towards an aesthetic asceticism or, even worse, towards a petting from schoolchildren unable to go further.

Though maybe I broadcasters. Maybe have not yet managed to understand.


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