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by Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The world Organization of the Taste Festivals – www.tastefestivals.com – and Brand Events Italy in collaboration with Electrolux, celebrate the universal exhibition Expo 2015 with a special edition of Taste of Milan, stating the event as the biggest Restaurant Festival in the world.
An extraordinary celebration that by 3 al 7 June meet the best restaurants of the milanese territory and for the first time in Italy and the world, with ben 50 restaurants starring. Milan will be represented by 25 restaurants, to give the public the largest and most important Taste or "taste" of the city's dining and Lombardy. At the same time, other 20 restaurants from all over Italy, there will be a Taste of Milan, with the aim of telling the immense culinary wealth of our country. "Last but not least" as part of the international circuit of Taste Festivals, Taste of Milan will involve up to 5 International chefs and restaurants, to let visitors experience the gastronomic culture in other parts of the world.
It is from these assumptions that Electrolux, a world leader in the field of domestic and professional equipment, confirmation, even for the 2015, his title sponsorship on the Taste Festivals Italian and international. Important collaboration, begun in 2012, leading inside of a rich calendar of events and engaging and educational activities, In addition to the best equipment for cooking and food preservation, We also have in our homes.
Special Edition also numerous other news: for the first time in the history of Taste Festival the entrance will be free After registration; an important decision made by the will to break down, in occasion of the Exposition Universelle, any barrier and limit the discovery of food, of its forms and interpretations. For the same reason Taste of Milan is changed from 4 to 5 days for even more greedy and enthusiasts can enjoy this unique experience. Access is still a numerus clausus and restricted, to guarantee visitors the highest quality of its Taste experience. Will Be, then, a World of Taste is open to all, with a ben's menus 160 bring to choose where, In addition to the usual 3 required icon to each cuisine restaurant, will be presented the Fourth dish dedicated to Expo.
In this fourth proposal will be combined with the analysis of sustainability of the pot, While visitors to Taste of Milan, to try the recipe and evaluate its positive energy. From here we will define the FOOD PRINT, perfect combination between the computation of sustainability indicators and the perception of taste. Born in 2014 as an innovative challenge carbon footprint analysis, the water footprint and the social impact produced by haute cuisine recipes, the initiative has found great involvement among the chefs who, subjected to a serious and complex evaluation of the production process of the dish and its ingredients, they were brought to reflect even more depth on the choice of the raw materials used and the processing and cooking techniques. "In 2015 We're asking them even more, "says Mauro Dorigo, General Manager of Brand Events Italy, "because these next few years the challenge will be even more important. Will have to think from the very beginning to a sustainable recipe and tasty at the same time, in a comparison of experiences and national and international skills. To the public the arduous and difficult, but very greedy, to declare the winner!”
Super Studio Più, It will also this year the theater where the Chef will be entrusted with the role of educators and communicators of taste and at the same time a sustainable cuisine, with the aim to sensitize people to food choices based on respect of food, of life and the planet.

By popular demand are confirmed most popular initiatives from the public Taste of Milan by Electrolux, title sponsor of the event:
Electrolux Taste Theatre, in the kitchen with the chefs, will be even closer to the public, actively involve in show cooking. Each session will feature insights by some of the most important Chef, belonging to the panorama of Italian and international cuisine, as well as by experts, journalists and bloggers.
Electrolux Chefs ' Secrets, the cooking school, a full-fledged cooking school where you can hone your skills by making treasure of secrets and tips revealed by chefs. You can follow up to 25 courses, the duration of 30 minutes, with 24 workstations equipped with latest generation appliances.
Electrolux VIP Hospitality Area
In the Lounge area of the Electrolux Chef chefs Academy and other distinguished guests will be available to visitors for questions and advice. Here, in their company and presenting, You can discover new cooking techniques and the best household appliances.

Brand Events Italy (BE IT) confirmation, In addition, other activities much appreciated by the audience of Taste, that may no longer be in the schedule of the event:
The Lab. For those who want to learn and is eager to browse behind-the-scenes renews the appointment with The Lab, real laboratory that evokes the backshop of craftsmen, forge of confectionery and savoury delights, where the Alchemy of taste. The best chefs, bakers, pizza and cake designers are ready to reveal their tricks for a perfect body through mini lessons of practice 30 minutes, for classes of 12 people in class. Some activities will be devoted to smaller, with teachers and child-friendly lessons.
Blind Taste, an activity on the discovery of flavours, through the use of senses other than sight. The brave participants, In fact, blindfolded and led by experienced and refined gourmet Milly Cabana, will sit around a large table and will be amazed by how their taste buds and olfactory sensations will grow through a real journey in search of taste.

Even the smallest will be involved in interactive experiences in a special Kids Area. Can, In fact, become the protagonists of Kids Edutainment, taste education courses that will help you discover a healthy and sustainable for the planet.

BE IT also announces the fourth annual Taste of Rome (Auditorium Parco della Musica, from 17 al 20 September 2015), and the second edition of Taste of Christmas (Verona, from 27 al 29 November 2015).


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