Vialone Nano nettle risotto with strawberries and foie gras

by Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Massimo Livan, Executive chef of Antinous's Lounge and Restaurant of Hotel Centurion Palace, Venice, gives us a recipe for her new spring menu that inspired by perfumes, the colors and the awakening of the nature of this beautiful season.

A wonderful recipe, elegant, juicy and fresh, who plays with intriguing combinations.

Ingredients for 2 people

160 GR Vialone nano rice
200 g nettle
80 GR of foie gras
30 g strawberries
EVO oil and salt to taste
For the broth: 1 stick of celery, carrot and onion.


As a first step, take a saucepan to prepare the broth and put to boil water, celery, carrot and onion.
Clean the nettle (better off using a pair of disposable latex gloves): Browse the plant, wash the leaves and "sbiancatele" in a pot, where you previously put water to boil.
Drain and place them to cool immediately in cold water and ice.
Prepare the rice pouring oil in a saucepan EVO and scalded rice. Tinged with white wine, Add, half-cooked, nettles previously drained, dried and chopped.
Go to cook the rice with broth, up to the end.
In another nonstick pan, two scallops seared foie gras with oil, two minutes per side: keep then covered with paper towel.

After 12 minutes, When the risotto is ready, Add salt and stir in the Parmesan cheese and olive oil AGES. Add the strawberries and stir.
Serve this dish with a crowning Escalope of foie gras.


The Antinous's Lounge and Restaurant has been awarded by the Michelin Guide with the three red forks: "Inspired by a modern and refined design, choosing oscillates between two rooms one red and one white, overlooking the Grand Canal. For all, creative cuisine with a few, romantic tables by the water in summer ". The Gambero Rosso, Italy restaurants, the awarded two forks. The restaurant was mentioned by Identità Golose Guide for "simplicity, clarity of the flavors, care of the pot ". The guide speaks of the chef's dishes as "little masterpieces of aesthetics at the end of a path that points more than anything else to enhance (better respect) the product ". Finally, the Antinous's Lounge & Restaurant is cited as new entry from L'espresso.


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