To School Age with women of the oil

by Monday, May 25, 2015

How to recognize the quality of an oil? Which one to choose? How to deal with it in the kitchen? Which use oil for frying? What are the nutritional and health characteristics of oil?

These and many other issues will be addressed in the first course promoted by the Permanent School of oil that will be articulated in three meetings with lessons, tastings and dinner included.

Three prominent companies involved: the National Association of Women, l’ONAOO (National Organization of olive oil tasters) and l’UMAO (Mediterranean Union Oil Tasters).

All together for an innovative project and one of a kind that are called to give their contribution even leading figures of the gastronomy and nutrition: the chef Giuseppe Capano, the Scientific Director of the Fondazione italiana per l'educazione feed Giorgio Donegani and the internationally renowned oleologo Luigi Caricato.

Three fun evenings, interesting, involving different oils to taste and to learn what is useful and nice to know of a product that combines like no other the pleasure of the palate and taste of well-being.

Ends each meeting dinner, to allow the oil to fully express itself.


First meeting: Thursday, 28 may, 18.30 – 22.30

– Olive oil: a world to discover (where does, who produces it)

– As the oil is produced (from olives in oil: the collection, the transformation)

– As you taste the oil

– The word chef: How to choose the oil “right”

Theme dinner and meeting with members of the Association of Women

Second meeting: Thursday, 4 June, 18.30 – 22.30

– The composition of olive oil, the basis of goodness and well-being

– Olive oil: the nutritional and health characteristics

– Recognize the merits and defects of oil.

– Tasting of oils. Good/bad oil oil: the difference jumps to the nose

Theme dinner and meeting with members of the Association of Women

Third meeting: Thursday, 18 June, 18.30 – 22.30

– What the law says and how to read the labels

– Describe the sensations of taste

– Tasting of DOP oils – PGI. Journey into Italy of oils

– The word chef: How to promote olive oil in the kitchen

Theme dinner meeting with members of the Association of Women


Euro 150. Comprehensive quota of three meetings and theme dinners

ALISSA MATTEI, Osa Manager – Oil Open Space. – cell +39 329 95 43 399 – cell +39 393 15 29 155

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