Bacchus to be Cupid

by Sunday, May 24, 2015

Social and wine lately are becoming more gang and at times seem to dating agencies. AND’ the case of the Marquis de’ Frescobaldi, one of the most ancient and famous of Italy. Its contest on social networks is called “Surprise toast”. You register, also using facebook connect, and places a picture with you alone in the company of your favorite wine goblet. So begins the game.

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Yes, you got it, on the portal You can find other fellow toast with a piece of software that allows you to select users based on common interests, or proximity. A real enological dating, with arrows soaked in Chianti from stroke to the finest in network.

Randeevoo is the new online dating site where you pass immediately usual, by fixing the first date in the wine bar. The app is through the profile Facebook, then you will be asked to upload five images and share some basic information, whom: age, sex, place where you live etc. Once that is done you will have created your profile; at this point "the bulk is done". Once enrolled and receive the other members ' profile Rendeevoo you have only two options to choose from: Click "Flirt"If the person in question I'm curious about or opt for"Forget it”, If you are not interested in any way. If you have clicked "Flirt" , Rendeevoo (vi) organizes a first date, simply choose the date and the place to meet to drink a thing together from a list of suggested bar from the app itself, you will reserve a special treatment precisely because they are aware that it is a first date.

At this point it remains only to payment buying a drink at a cost of 7 £ (the app currently only works in London…) and wait for the other person accepts your invitation. The "transaction" will be concluded only after the other person will have paid his cocktail.



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