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by Friday, May 15, 2015

Wine2wine has done a survey to learn about current trends in e-commerce theme.

Were collected over 450 answers from Italian wineries spread throughout the national territory.

  • The 65% wineries surveyed does not sell online, the 35% who sells on-line makes it exclusively through their website in 51% of cases, While a 22% relies on specialized sites. The remaining 27% Opera already on both sides.
  • From a geographical point of view, the most active are the cellars of Tuscany, Lombardy, Abruzzo and Sicily.
  • Below average are producers of Emilia Romagna, Trentino A.A., Veneto and Piedmont.

The “reasons” who does not sell online:

  • Lack of focus and expertise.
  • Conflict between e-commerce and traditional sales channels.
  • Several wineries claim to prefer the direct relationship with its customers.
  • Finally, There are many wineries that have declared that they have already turned to sell on-line and be almost ready to start.


Results of the survey

The 35% surveyed said wineries to sell on-line.

The wineries that sell online do it mainly through their corporate website (51%) or using their site to be specialized sites (28%). In 22% of the cases the wineries are turning to specialized sites.

Sites used to sell online







Here's the list of most used specialized sites listed in order of number of citations:

– Svinando

– Wineverse

– Tannic

– Vinix

– Winetowine

– Winezon

In 42% of cases, sales channel online represents the 2-3% of the total annual turnover, While in 21% of cases this percentage increases over the 10%.

% online sales on turnover 2014







In addition the 40% wineries that sell online already expects major development to this channel in the coming months.

Forecast for the next 12 months



The wineries that have declared that they do not use the online channel reported the following reasons:

– The 11% declares to be almost ready to sell online and is in the process of refining the last preparations

– The 21% declares a lack of focus in the company and know how

– The 14% considers that this channel is in conflict with the traditional sales channels

– The 13% claims not to be interested in this channel

– The 7% declares a difficulty in the management of payments and deliveries

– The 6% hereby not need e-commerce channel because its production is already all sold through traditional channels

Among the respondents there are some wineries who claim not to believe in e-commerce, to believe that the times in Italy are not yet ripe, they have yet to find the right online partner or continue to prefer direct contact with the client.


Sample characteristics

Composition of the sample analysed by geographical area, number of bottles produced and invoiced.

The data originate from wine producers throughout Italy. To make it easier to read the data of the geographical coverage, It is divided into analysis 4 the following macro-areas: Northwest (18,0%), North East (34,0%), Center (28,0%) and South/Islands (13,0%). Then there is a 7% of responses where such information has not been provided.

Geographical area







In terms of total number of bottles produced the sample interviewed has the following distribution:

Bottles produced








In terms of turnover the sample shows the following distribution:







Survey conducted by GRS Research and strategy


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