On holiday with your horse in the small Camargue in Italy

by Thursday, May 7, 2015
  • Summer is upon us and is now a great classic to hear about holiday proposals to go to the beach, in the countryside, in the mountains or wherever you want, with Fido. But those who love wine, very often not just loves dogs. Often the wine lover are also horse lover, and I am one of these. That's why we copy and paste below the press release I just received and which I find very interesting, because you can take the opportunity to go hunting for old taverns or enjoy excellent harbours certain fish and visit some wine cellar.

    Banks, Dune, chasing and valleys along the great river accompany him to meet the sea. The cries of rare birds, that nest here, lonely boats that glide along the canals and calling the cavane boat garages. It's the charm of Parco Naturale del Delta del Po, be discovered, starting from 15 may 2015, with a holiday in the Barricata Holiday Village. Maybe on horseback, Thanks to the Fence Ranch, located within the village and offers a unique opportunity for equestrians: bring your horse on holiday with him for long and relaxing walks along the Po Delta or on the seashore. Everyone can try these emotions, with the "Baptism of the saddle": courses for beginners and children to approach the world of Equitation at the end of the holiday and experience the thrill of a horse ride on the shore.

    The baptism of the saddle

    A new and less familiar face riding, more free and close to nature. Claire Angelini, Fise and guide Engea registration necessary, is the responsible for Fence Ranch, the riding Centre of Barricade Holiday Village, where horses are bred Argentinians, Camargue and Haflinger. Here there are riding lessons and horseback riding along the banks, Dune, beaches and valleys that they leave with bated breath. Not to mention the most popular excursion: a horse riding on the beach, Perhaps at dawn or dusk, When you only hear the sound of the sea breaking on the shore and the Sun gives unique colors landscape. One of the most beautiful excursions in the heart of Parco del Delta del Po, in Porto Tolle, in one of the richest areas of biodiversity in Italy. It crosses the countryside, you need to go fishing valleys up to the sea, encountering swans and flamingos. The walks are organized by day, But even at night, in full moon nights, with seafood dinner on the beach.

    Barricata Holiday Village features of theonly beach that provides access to the beach and bathing horses throughout the summer. An unmissable opportunity for equestrians, In addition to another opportunity which will hardly give up. Barricata Holiday Village, with the Fence Ranch, offers the chance to bring vacationing Knights their horse, Since the structure offers box, screens and large paddock, right in the village and at two steps from the sea.

    Barricade Ranch is therefore the ideal solution for the Knights, who dislike split from his horse, but it is also the right place for those who want to embrace this world. For those who have never experienced the thrill of going to trot or Gallop is the baptism of the saddle, that is offered for free to all guests. An opportunity not to be missed even for the smallest, Come on 4 years and older, for what will prove to be an exciting experience and education.

    The itineraries of the small Camargue in Italy

    One of the most beautiful sights is the Sacca di Scardovari. It is the largest lagoon of the Delta, destination known for fishing, for the harvesting of clams and for "peociare", mussels farms. Has a exceptionally rich fauna. In his OASIS, among reeds, the swamps, rice fields and alfalfa are raptors, seagulls, Sterne, passerines, Ibis, cranes and ducks. Easy Sightseeing by boat, You can admire as a whole only along the panoramic road bike along the embankment carrying bag, equipped with binoculars to observe closely the birds. All around the lagoon, the row of piles with colorful boats tied to poles giving a support fairy tale touch to the landscape.

    Lovers of two wheels can rent bikes directly at the village and to recommend one of the many paths that wind between banks and dunes. These include the circular path, about 70 miles, that starting from Porto Tolle – Cà Tiepolo does the full tourisland of Damsel, touching the Sacca di Scardovari.

    On holiday with your horse

    For lovers of horse-riding is the most coveted and sought. Bring your horse on holiday for long and relaxing holidays by the sea. It is the exclusive proposal Barricade Holiday Village. Guests can stay in one of the village structures, While their horse will be welcomed to the fence Ranch, located within the village.

    You are a new customer? The first visit is free

    Those who choose the fence for his first weekend of the sea will be rewarded. If you find good and decides to book a week in high season can be considered its first free weekend and pay the amount due as payment for the holiday in high season. The offer is valid for reservations of minimum one week.

    Info: Barricata Holiday Village, Bonelli di Porto Tolle (Ro), 0426 389270, info@villaggiobarricata.com, www.villaggiobarricata.com


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