Pink snowflake in the world of wine. The national wine Council

by Thursday, May 7, 2015

Come together to revive the values and the wine culture of our country. Is this the idea from which the National Council of Italian Wine, project that has officially moved its first steps the 17 April 2015. In Rome are in fact meeting, by Onav, representatives of major associations of national wine sector, in order to reflect on some of burningly topical issues.

The National Wine Council aims to tackle the problems of the sector at 360° and, for the consumer, a point of reference for everything related to the knowledge of the wine world and at the same time, to be purposeful element of intervention on fundamental issue of consumer education.

Thanks to the project of a very large representation of associations including: Onav, Act, AIS, ASPI, Associazione Nazionale Le Donne del Vino, The Movimento Turismo del Vino, Fisar, Fivi and SlowFood, I am therefore been laid the foundations of what will be a long journey towards awareness of the institutions and consumers. Each of these associations has, to their nature, different approaches and goals. It is therefore essential to find a language and a common purpose, in order to prepare a well-defined workplan, It can be submitted to the institutions.

The first point on which to focus the work of the Council will be the introduction of proper education on the vine and wine, the style of the Mediterranean diet, where is the food and wine pairing, and the value of wine Italian territory, its history and its gastronomy in education, as is the case in other countries of the European Union.

Of primary importance is the consumer's approach to the world of wine, its history and its values because only through "knowledge" you can give new breath to the Fund, valuing that tradition and uniqueness of produced wine so closely linked to the territory and culture of Italian Taste.

The Council is open to new members by associations and institutions and already in the near future it is expected enlargement of participants with some other major appearances.

For information contact: Tel. +390141/535246; Fax +390141/535245 or press offices of individual Organizations


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