Yum! At Villa Mirabello a view on nutrition and science children's format

by Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Is about to take off view Yum!, staged by 24 April to 26 July – Parco Villa Mirabello della Reggia di Monza. Organized by THINK Onlus, Multiverse science and Consortium – Villa Reale Monza Park, sponsored by Regione Lombardia, Province of Monza and Brianza, Comune di Monza, Parco Regionale Valle del Lambro and supported by main sponsor Auchan and Agritech technical sponsors and cellars Zeni, It will be a meeting devoted to children and adults, to make scientific disclosure and talking about the original power, through workshops, exhibition spaces, three-dimensional installations, Media contributions: all wrapped up within 8 Conference, that will define the path of amazing interactive path.

An adventurous journey in the world of food history food mixtures and food preservation, food trivia shakes, Bake samples living exhibition; with the addition of a hint of scientific experiments, a dash of scientific games and finally a sprinkling of art works inspired by food.

Yum! The art and science of transforming and preserving foods is an exhibition that we strongly wanted to bring on stage to talk about nutrition and science to the wider public. With Yum! We have the ability to make scientific divulgation arriving at all – explains Luca Baglivo, Trust Director OnlusToday it is crucial to convey original and different approach to talk about important and complex topics such as science, Chemistry and the issues related to the world of nutrition”.

A tour with a high participation rate that will grow into a path through eight salt, by Gnam Training: a maze in which there will be a quiz game, undiscovered microorganisms and food samples under a microscope to investigate, to one dedicated to the transformation of food with even historic machines linked to the collection and preservation of grapes; from that exhibition panels decorated mainly about the history and traditions of the mould power: a veritable Gallery of horrors that know the community of mold and bacteria in expansion. Yum! not only will materialize in the path within these eight worlds, its scope will be enriched by popular initiatives, exhibitions and events. Yum! fits within the compact programme EXPO2015 and, for the occasion, will part of the Park of the Palace of Monza with the colours of the countries hosted during the great universal exhibition with an installation.

We wanted to continue this project using fully with what is the theme of Expo Milan stronghold 2015: finding the best solutions for nourishing the planet in the interest of new generations and in respect for the environment. Nourish your body and feed your mind: you could sum it up so the main purpose of Yum!.’ – comments Roberto Scanagatti, President of the Consortium and the Villa Reale Monza Park and Mayor of Monza – ‘Yum! officially opens to the public on the day following the opening of the great exhibition "Italy: fascination and myth. From the 16th century to contemporary ": one of the great exhibitions of Expo hosted at the Villa Reale di Monza. These two initiatives which undoubtedly attest engagement promoted to be an integral part of what will be the great universal exhibition, aware that such choices will contribute to increasing the value of the territory, bringing visitors and disseminating messages from the great cultural content”.

The appointment is then to Villa Mirabello on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 24 April to 26 July to inebriate the senses all talking about culture, Science, nutrition and feeding. For more information www.gnamexpo.com.


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