4 new chef for Venissa

by Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Born from an idea by Gianluca Bisol that, in the retrieve a grape now disappeared Native Venice, He made a Wine Resort to Mazzorbo, Burano, Venissa – in a few years – has established itself as a reference point for food lovers. The Restaurant, placed in the hands of two fantastic performers, before Paola Budel and Antonia Klugmann – Venissa which found their consecration -, is today a further step towards the dream of Gianluca, becoming a springboard for young chefs who originate from important starred restaurants and become part of a working group for the enhancement of traditional Venetian recipes, prepared in a contemporary. Research on the lagoon is home cooking, In fact, the basis on which work the four Venissa Chef, during the season which will discuss with the great masters of Italian cuisine. For Matteo Bisol, that to 27 years Venissa project coordinates "the beauty of Venissa Restaurant is that you always have different Chefs that interpret the unique ingredients of the lagoon according to sensitivity and experiences of everyone". This year, will Sabina Joksimovic, Andrea Only, Michelangelo D'oria and Serena Baiano to give a new interpretation of Venice Native recipes, four chefs who will work together for a kitchen 8 hands whose leitmotif is the code Comes: 8 rules that are the basis of all the gastronomic project.

Venissa Code

1) Knowledge and passion drive our work
2) Each lagoon cuisine recipe should be understood and respected
3) We respect the raw and we enhance its peculiarities
4) The aesthetics should not degrade the taste but be glorification of the same element
5) We prefer local product, If you look around you will find a world that needs no distant looks
6) Our future depends on the actions of our present
7) The knowledge of our elders is a fundamental patrimony
8) The land and sea are our lives

The interpreters

Appetizers: Sabina Joksimovic
His passion are herbs, from restaurant la Taverna di Colloredo

Primi piatti: Andrea Only
The flours are his world, comes from the restaurant Met in Venice

Main courses: Michelangelo D'oria
Enhance the taste of the fish is her mission, last year was a Comes

Sweets : Serena Baiano
Desserts cakes are not your challenge, from restaurant La Palla di Lonigo

These “magnificent four” will be operational starting from 18 April 2015.



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