Riedel rewards under glass designer 30. Registration open until 29 may 2015

by Monday, April 13, 2015

Has already begun the second edition of the prestigious international award dedicated to the art of collaboration, begun in 2014, between Riedel Crystal, Austrian company with a centuries-old family tradition in the production of tasting glasses and Crystal decanter, and theIstituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti in Venice. The contest is part of the program of Premium Glass in Venice, project – This year in its fourth edition – created by the Institute together with the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia to enhance the heritage of glass connected to refined tradition of the masters of Murano.

Following the success of the first edition of the Riedel Award – assigned to the young Norwegian designer Kristine Five Melvaer (www.kristinefivemelvaer.com) by a panel of experts chaired by Georg Riedel, 10^ generation of Austrian company – back then the competition for glass artists and designers under 30 (participants must have completed 31 years) from around the world who must submit a portfolio for design products for the home furnishings and tableware in particular, specifying for each machining specifications.

The work must be sent by mail to both digital media and printing (CD or DVD or USB stick) no later than the 29 may 2015 (is the date of dispatch), at the following address:

Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti

Campo Santo Stefano, 2945

30124 Venice – Italy


The best project will be selected by a jury of experts and professionals, that will see President again Georg J.. Riedel.

The recognition will be awarded on the occasion of the award ceremony Glass in Venice 2015, to be held in Venice at the headquarters of the Istituto Veneto, in September 2015. The winner will be offered, In addition to overnight in Venice (three nights), at the guesthouse of the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Letters and arts on the occasion of the award ceremony, a trip to Kufstein, Tyrol, to visit the historic glassware Riedel, where are mouth-blown all decanters and stemware lines Sommeliers and Superlight Riedel.

More information and the notice can be found on the website www.glassinvenice.it.

About Riedel Crystal

The company RIEDEL, family-owned company with a history of almost 300 years, renowned for its revolutionary glass products for the wine tasting differentiated depending on use, It is the first in history to recognize the taste of wine is strongly influenced by the shape of the chalice that is consumed. RIEDEL Crystal has been recognized as the number one brand in the production of glasses “in harmony with wine”, only able to accompany specific wines and spirits.


In 2013 the company began an era of innovation, by applying their knowledge of form and functionality to non-alcoholic beverages. Welcoming the invitation by the Coca-Cola Company and with the support of the team of experts in Atlanta, RIEDEL has developed the project – the result of workshops and tastings – in order to achieve a specific glass perfect, that increase the enjoyment of the most famous drink in the world, Coca-Cola Classic. In the same year, RIEDEL also responded to the appeal by Nespresso to Lausanne, Switzerland, for hot drinks. With the help and knowledge of more coffee authorities, the two companies have jointly developed two blown glasses to Nespresso machine, able to amplify the different flavors and aromas of the most famous espresso blends of leading brand of coffee.


Since its founding in 1756 and thanks to the innovative introduction of the first Goblet grape variety-specific, the Burgundy Grand Cru born 1958 – and then the whole mouth-blown Sommeliers collection, launched in 1973 – RIEDEL has become the brand preferred by wine experts, by catering professionals and discerning consumers around the world. The mark RIEDEL is distributed worldwide, available in stores and in the most exclusive restaurants. For more information, visit homepage www.riedel.com.


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