How do you cook the fish Lake gourmet. A parade of star chef (and beautiful) a Fish&Chef 2015

by Friday, April 10, 2015

Not only the top chefs of Europe struggling with the fish Lake, not only the traditional dinners stellate interpreted by some of the leading names in Italian cuisine: the Edition 2015 of Fish & Chef, scheduled from 22 al 29 April, gourmet lovers will also find a real event in the event: It's "Lake cooks & Products of excellence ", a week of cooking show (free admission) on the shore of Lake, in the beautiful town of Garda. During the cooking shows, made by some of the most renowned chefs of Garda, the public can attend several performances to delight in the palate and steal the tricks of the protagonists in the kitchen. To host these shows of taste en plein air STOBAG I.S.L. will space to, with the portable kitchen Electrolux. In the beautiful surroundings of Lake Garda, Therefore, every day will be staged a daytime Edition of Fish & Chef "Lake cooks & Products of excellence ", eight cooking show events and tastings don't miss.

By 11 at 12, a chef will present a sweeping olive recipe with special finger food dedicated to the products of Garda. Every afternoon, Instead, There will be meetings-tasting with the wine of Custoza. The intensive program of these days also includes a sensory journey to the discovery of Lake fish, Thanks to Golden Trout, and meetings with his precious Roner distillates.


In addition to the cooking show the Festival will another important novelty: for the first time, Starry Fish dinners & Chef (cost 60 euro, reservations in hotels) shall enter upon the borders of the veronese to touch all the best locations of the three provinces bordering the Benaco, the veronese, the thirty and the bresciana. Are 17 the big names of Italian cuisine which will come down in the field: Moreno Cedroni (2 Michelin stars), Alexander Gavagna (1 Michelin star), Elio Sironi, Marco Sacco (2 Michelin stars), Dirk Holberg (2 Michelin stars), Nicola Portinari e Luigi (2 stars Michelin), Leandro Luppi (1 Michelin star), Paul Hood (1 Michelin star, in the cover photo @foto to the calendar 2015 by Vanity Fair), Stefano Baiocco (2 Michelin stars), Andrea Costantini, Albert and Maria Filippini (1 Michelin star), Joan Germiniasi (1 Michelin star), Giuseppe Sestito, Matt Felter, Isidore Consolini, Massimo Farrukh (1 Michelin star), Gionata Bignotti (1 Michelin star). Are 7 gourmet dinners scheduled, that alone are worth the trip on Lake Garda: an evening in Malcesine, a in Riva del Garda, one in Gardone Riviera, one in Manerba, a in Garda, one in Bardolino and Garda.

To open the dances, the 22 April, It will be the chef Moreno Cedroni the restaurant Madonnina del Pescatore in Senigallia who will offer his version of the delicacy of the Garda in Hotel Bellevue San Lorenzo di Malcesine. The 23 April will be time then to Riva del Garda where, in the evocative setting of the Hotel Lido Palace, is expected Alexander Gavagna, Chef of the restaurant La Subida Friulian (Cormons).

The 24, from the Ceresio 7 in Milan, where was held the event preview, come on chef Lake Elio Sironi, who will perform at the Grand Hotel Fasano Gardone Riviera.

A dinner for four hands that held the 26 April at restaurant Caprice of Manerba, with the two brothers Portinari – Nicola in the kitchen, Pierluigi sommelier ─ from restaurant La Palla di Lonigo (VI).

The 27 April, in Garda, the Hotel Regina Adelaide will host a chef who went to Lake: Marco Sacco the restaurant Piccolo Lago, located directly on the local Lake Mergozzo (Verbania).

It will be an international guest ─ Dirk Holberg Ophelia's restaurant on Lake Constance ─ the protagonist in the kitchen for the appointment of 28 April at the Aqualux Hotel Bardolino.

TO The House of the spirits of Costermano, the 29 April, will the grand finale: the conclusion of the 2015 is entrusted to an exceptional team, the Dream Team Lake Garda, composed of top chef del Garda, they will play at home to interpret the products of their territory: Leandro Luppi, Paul Hood, Stefano Baiocco, Andrea Costantini, Albert and Maria Filippini, Joan Germiniasi, Giuseppe Sestito, Matt Felter, Isidore Consolini, Massimo Farrukh, Gionata Bignotti.

Costs of cooking show on Lake Garda: free admission

Cost of dinner: 60 euro

Information for the public:

Reservations for dinner and accommodation must be made directly in hotels.


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