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by Sunday, April 5, 2015

Gourmet Geisha speaking to a female audience that seeks a different way – Maybe new – for enjoy the life.

The Gourmet Geisha represents a new generation of women who did not fear enjoy the gastronomic pleasure without guilt.

Helen Gurley Brown, the historic head of Cosmopolitan, in 1962 He had published a book ever translated into Italy: Sex and the Single Girl. It was his luck, He represented the revolution. The Gurley Brown snocciolava instructions to get everything out of life: money, success, men. In an era when the best prospect for a girl he was to marry a good party, and if 23 years weren't even tie the knot you used better to throw you in the Grand Canyon, Helen praised the single and exhorted to work hard to achieve economic independence that would guarantee them the freedom they deserved, including sexual: don't rely on men when you want something in life, take it alone, wrote. In the 1960s the conquest of freedom for women had the right to orgasm without guilt, even outside of marriage.

Today economic independence has become reality, clearance from the role of wife and mother also, and the right to sexual pleasure is a practice now accepted. We are well underway, There is, however, another important freedoms that women must conquer: the right to food orgasm without guilt.

Gourmet Geisha hopes to represent a new generation of women that makes the food and wine, a real pleasure to enjoy as soon as possible, an essential component of their lives, a privileged expression and as a dress or a pair of shoes: I fancy a chic evening? Heel 15, signed and champagne dress. I want to feel easy? Jeans, t-shirt and a Lugana.

The food and wine as symbols a new generation of women is a topic far from easy as maybe it might seem. If one traces the history, In fact, It turns out that food for women has always been a representation of itself, a communication factor and even protest. Us women perhaps more than any other we are what we eat.

And then flick through the history books and sociology we discover that in the middle ages there were Saints Anorexics, nothing but women who used the food Perhaps it would be better to say abstinence from food – to protest against, for example, a forced marriage: rather than succumb to the will of the family, These women are deprived of nourishment, leaving slowly die. Or were those women who, to get closer to God and Jesus ' ordeal in the via crucis, martoriavano your body with fast impossible, so that their physical began to bear the signs of the suffering of Christ.

Then there were the women proposed to use the food to kill their enemies, or to ensnare their prey for men. And of course, this was no reason to be put at stake.

Be skinny, for women, has always been a Canon of beauty extreme and, in a few centuries, element of distinction between the aristocracy and the people: aristocratic women had to be either, with a beautiful breasts, long neck, thin legs and arms, diaphanous skin; Le donne del popolo, Instead, most were better was turned, because the work needed energy and so do children.

In Gone with the wind, a movie that I think we've all seen with more or less attention, Here's the advice of Mamy: a Scarlett thrilled to go to a dance because so he could eat so many good things she replies immediately to swallow a whole hard boiled egg, in order to feel satisfied and not eat anything at the party, because the young ladies who want to find a husband should give the idea of not eating much, Indeed, eating "like a bird". Here's, This was a mode that have persisted over the centuries: among the features of a good fan wife there was to be no great need of nourishment, so as not to weigh on household budget. The exact opposite of who was to rural tradition: there if you weren't nice flesh and especially if you didn't know make a perfect porridge you don't married anyone ...

Another myth perpetuated by one of the women symbol for feminine imagery, the Princess Sissi, is the Hourglass (circumference of just 55 cm)… I think it's the extent of my lap-thigh etc.

Chapter wine, also a great nourishment, is no less. Women have always been banned: at the time of the Romans killed you if you just discovered with the keys to the cellar in my hand, and until the 1970s – or maybe even a little later – you weren't a good girl if you did see a glass of wine drinking in public.

In Short, some women, very men, have always, for centuries and centuries, upset women's world power. For this new generation of women who want to represent Geisha is told through Gourmet Food and wine. Are women who do eat and drink wine as a symbol of emancipation from the male society that for centuries has deprived women of these pleasures. Are women who enjoy wine, the live like they live men: with the same curiosity, with the same desire to be seduced (Although a risotto or Amarone), with the same fidelity and infidelity sayings, to be free to experiment with new things and discovering new pleasures, in bed as a table.

After the economic and sexual freedom, Food and wine are the new frontier of women's empowerment.

The Gourmet Geisha claims the right to food and the motto of pleasure “Live Yummy“, American slang meaning is something delicious to eat both a person extremely sexy, sensual, hot, enjoy as you might do with a glass of Pedro Ximenez.

Live Yummy. Be Gourmet Geisha.


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