And suddenly gets Barlàn, Nebbiolo rosato che non ti aspetti

by Sunday, March 15, 2015

The color is that of copper, but the flavor is intense and fresh as the summer. Barlan of Torraccia of Piantavigna is outside the box and contradictory, capable of expressing a conquering personality from the very first SIP.

The name is a metaphor: theKing Barlànis one of typical Ghemme masks, Northern Piedmont area from which comes this wine. For Torraccia of Piantavigna Barlàn is a Nebbiolo 100% I decided to wear the "mask" of Rosé.

Although I don't like masks and disguises, I find this declination of Nebbiolo intriguing and rich in nuances, as far as I'm concerned, unexpected. The bouquet is fruity but not too, elegant, but an elegance easy chic. An outfit you're good at any occasion.

Try. Absolutely. Costa 13 euros, very interesting price for a wine of this caliber.


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