From primitive dad (di Manduria) the dad Prosecco. The wine just to make happy the King of our hearts

by Friday, March 13, 2015

For the 19 March the Italian dad confess to receive only in 20% a gift case which fully satisfy them. The too little time spent together and the lack of knowledge of personal tastes are the principal causes according to 80% of the children. For this reason the 42% Italian children to donate something to his father because he considers too difficult to make the right choice (certain, Dear moms, We could also lend a hand to our kids for the choice, How about?!).

This is what emerges from a survey of (wine shop online that aimed at spreading wine culture thanks to digital technology) conducted between 800 Internet users, selected from the 37,000 members of the website. The research was carried out on the occasion of father's day and starting of alarm launched by Sirc, English Research Center specializing in social trend analysis, about time the Italian fathers spend with their children. According to the Sirc, In fact, the Italian fathers are the last in Europe to the time spent with their children, only 38 minutes a day against e.g. 42 minutes for Spanish and German Daddy, 64 for Swedes, 120 for the Greeks. Then for Italian children becomes really difficult to get to know and discover the real personal tastes of parents. Find the right gift becomes thus an undertaking in 19% the case is entrusted to mothers, It ends with the selection of neutral and impersonal gifts for the 13%, the 42% waiver, and only the 24% States to have a clear head and be convinced of their own tastes connoisseur father.

In light of these results, decided to run to the rescue of Italian children with a guide dedicated to Dad, a similar wine list for tasting notes on each type of parent. Yours GG, He had in the drawer to propose a similar post for the 19 marzo, aggiunge qualche profilo 😉 .

lambrusco chiarli


Lambrusco, light and fresh, is the ideal gift for a youthful and dynamic parent that loves company.

AND’ a wine for connoisseurs and sober dad, maybe even a little’ in the flesh, surely always with a smile (Although when needed can be severe).

To combine with high quality meats, Tagliatelle with meat sauce and fatty meats.

GG has heart Lambrusco, including those of the Chiarli.

Price:: about 4,90 euro, You can also find it at the grocery store.

AND’ a wine that goes down that is a pleasure, then, seen the price, If you have saved a little’ on pocket money, regalategliene a few bottles.

vino bolgheri


If the thoughts of dad there's always the family and makes the sweetness its best weapon, will appreciate for sure a harmonious wine as a Bolgheri Doc.

Bolgheri is above all a State of mind, a way of life.

These are wines of great pleasantness and drinkability, soft, elegant and mature, able to accompany a tasty red meat cuisine and game.

The wine of Bolgheri is the symbol blasonatissimo (and expensive) Sassicaia, but I also really like the cellar Le Macchiole.

Le Macchiole Bolgheri Rosso costs about 15 euro. The Sassicaia 2012 If it deserves a really good dad, Since it costs about 125 euro…

brunello biondi santi


Brunello di Montalcino, enveloping and intense, It is indicated for some fathers’ rough, of great character and reflective.

Dry, hot, a little’ tannic, robust, harmonious, persistent, These are the characteristics of the wine and also your dad.

Biondi-Santi is the inventor of Brunello di Montalcino, and then with his own label is on the safe side.

Price:: about 70 Euro vintage 2009.



If yours is a super dad always elegant and decided, harmonious, pleasant, Maybe no longer young but which holds well aging ;), to conquer his ideal wine palate is a Primitivo di Manduria. AND’ a wine for the meal that matches with tasty dishes that are structured as salami , sharp cheeses , pork and meat based Sauce first as the orecchiette.

According to all the Italian wine guides 2012, ES Primitivo di Manduria Gianfranco Up is the best red wine of Italy.

Price:: about 40 euro



Vibrant, Moderato cantabile, very classy, never assume and chic. If your dad is so, the champagne is definitely one of his favorite wines.

If you want to be original, I recommend Entre ciel et Terre di Francoise Bedel, dreamy and label from real connoisseurs, non-conventional and biological. The taste is full-bodied, capable of supporting even daring pairings as gratinated lamb or a risotto alla milanese with the medulla.

Price:: 50 euros. Rest assured, You'll make a great impression!



Young, playful, Tajik and maybe even dancer. Your dad is young, loves appetizers with friends, be a little’ light-hearted and perhaps, every now and then, leave home with the grandmother to go clubbing.

for him, the right wine is definitely the Prosecco di Valdobbiadene, Maybe a version a little’ more from enoteca, classic method rather than the charmat method.

Vigne di Alice is one of my favorite producers. They also have funny labels and winking, as the G-spot.

Price:: starting from 13 euro.

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