21 Blondes for the Beer Festival of Eataly Rome

by Friday, March 13, 2015

A time Lucio Battisti sang “Ten girls for me/can suffice”. Now of Blondes, dark red will serve at least 21 for craft beer enthusiasts… AND’ This is the perfect number decreed by the stronghold of Oscar Farinetti to Rome to meet the tastes of everyone and go on stage at the cannstatter volksfest of Eataly, with a selection of gluten free beers for gluten intolerance. Roman spaces “supermarket” (but not only) will the gourmet festival from 20 al 22 marzo 2015.

The Market

On the third floor you will find a very special market, the the barter market dedicated to the world of beer.

Saturday from 16.30 at 19.30 a meeting dedicated to all lovers of beer collectibles.

Sunday from 10 at 13 a meeting for all members of the Association "The Jar".

You will also find for sale Kit and the brewery's products. Malt and collectible mugs made by the potters of the Association Keramos.


Friday, 20 at 19,30 classroom Dominici: IPA VS PILS: TASTING LABORATORY

Tubacci (Quinn) and Birradamare (Na clear beer) with their pils VS Pontino (Olimpalus) and Seeds of freedom (Office) with their Ipa. Cost of the course 20 €.

Saturday 21 March at 19,30 classroom Dominici: WEISS VS WHEAT BEERS: DEGUSTAIZONE LABORATORY

Maiella Brewery (Summer magic) and Italian Brewery (b.. weizen) with their weiss VS Baladin (Nora) and Devenish (Duchess) with their wheat beers. Cost of the course 20 €.

Saturday 21 March at 13.30 classroom Dominici IT is WORTH – beer lunch. In conjunction with the seeds of Freedom. Cost of lunch 35 €.

Friday, 20 marzo at 19 at the table of 10 Lucky on the third floor guests will vote for the favourite label of view labels created by students of Rufa_Rome University of Fine Arts in Rome for the 10th anniversary of the real of devenish, the exhibition will present in the brewery Mon- 16 Sun 22.

Admission is free, inside you can buy tokens for drinks.

To learn more visit the website of Eataly on page http://www.eataly.net/it_it/negozi/roma/festa-birre-artigianali-marzo-2015


Breweries present:

Eataly Brewery, Turbacci, Birradamare, Devenish, Baladin, Sorrento Brewery, Maiella Brewery, B94 Brewery, Karma Brewery, Opperbacco Brewery, Aurelio Brewery, Beer Brewery Home Page, Pontine Brewery, Italian Brewery, ECB Brewery, Seeds of freedom brewery, Brewery MC77, Jungle Juice Brewery, Hilltop Brewery Brewing, Curtius Brewery, Open Brewery Baladin.


Business Hours:

Friday from 17 at 24

Saturday from 12 at 24

Sunday from 12 at 24


birra eataly roma

Eataly Rome

12TH October Square 1492



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