Meatballs rain in Rome (organic)

by Thursday, March 12, 2015

After the invasion of the flesh in Milan, It's time to meet the hardened carnivores (much more numerous than you might think given the current numbers of vegans and vegetarians still under the 7% the Italian population but with share of voice much higher…). Allbione (, that stands for “all bio in one”, open almost on Via dei Fori Imperiali just to keep the pitcher in that vocation of the Flavian Amphitheatre, so addicted to meet the same tastes (the Lions will know something…). The theme are the Meatballs in a variety of compositions and dressings. The meatballs are all well done: in some cases, see the cacio e pepe and one with ' nduja and torn, the flavor is intentionally lightened to help ecumenism of the Meatball to pleasure at all. Convince all but the simple tomato evokes suggestions of flavor and aroma that dwell in our memories and in the sauce cooking times of yore. Even the Fries are shaped like a ball, You can drink a good beer to accompany and finish with a fruit essence and not only to cleanse the palate.

Last but not least, all raw materials are of quality and sketch “organic”, that said by the writer just returned from New York, It is and will certainly be the word of the year.

albione roma

albione roma 2

albione roma 3


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