Enotica, wine and sensuality in Rome

by Friday, March 6, 2015

Next week kicks off the V Edition of Enotica, Wine Festival and sensuality to be held at CSOA Forte Prenestino from 13 al 15 marzo. Much in line with the philosophy of Gourmet Geisha, you know well.

It will be three days of tastings and live show, When sharing a glass of wine, joins the music, to art, poetry, in a meeting of pleasures, through a sensory trail that winds through the 100 underground cells the famous Roman social centre. Confirming the line up of previous editions, the program offers three days of concerti, exhibitions, shows and party products 60 winegrowers and farmers authentic, witnesses of the ancient message fans that combines the sweetness of wine conviviality.
Great importance will have the food, Li where the peasants will be protagonist with their products and their territories, enhancing cosi’ the importance of biodiversity , not organic only.

Enotica enhances the products of artisans of wine and organic and biodynamic foods in the encounter with consumers, to encourage critical and conscious consumption, that assumes knowledge of products, the desire for transparency on prices, the treatment of environmental impact.

Every SIP is a carrier of a story, each scent will lead us in a unique sensory journey

. Aatmosphere and a timeless place, rules, inhibitions, status and evaluations, to strengthen the indissoluble bond between the human being and the Earth, between wine, Eros and freedom.

Enotica it's creation it's re-creation. Amazing and try with every SIP, each mouthful.

It is the smile of two lovers kissing in a corner, dancing in a vortex of emotions, It's the blurred vision, my heart sped up, the sound of thousands of untapped bottles, laughter, emotions of a moment, they are renewed every year. Enotica It is joy of life beyond the crisis, beyond the conventions of a society governed by the logic of exploitation and individual sensory and flattening.

Enotica was born from the experience ofEnoteca Forte Prenestino, that from 2004 pursues the path started from the first edition of land and freedom/Critical Wine, initiative that had among its main designers the anarcho-wine expert Luigi Veronelli, with the ambitious goal of countering the distribution chains, to rediscover the sensory of taste and imagine a virtuous circuit between the quality of the environment, of production and social relations.
This year you can vote the best Enotico!

: 5 euro
free subscription to the Sunday hours 14:00 / by 14:00 subscription thereafter 3 euro

c.s.o. to Forte Prenestino . via F. Delpino s.n.c. Rome

Info: info@enotica.net; www.enotica.net



Friday, 13 from hours 16:00 at 22:00
Saturday 14 from hours 15:00 at 21:00
Sunday 15 from hours 14:00 at 20:00
Access is permitted until one hour before closing

THE MARKET AND KITCHENS (Terraterra, Genuine Clandestino and other rural reality)
Friday, 13 from hours 17:00
Saturday 14 from hours 15:00
Sunday 15 from hours 12:00

Throughout the three days to compose the soundtrack for The enotico dj for enotica team 2015 consists of: TRICKBABE (soul, Funk, afrobeat, breaks), ANNOUNCED from BUT DE KE SOUND (the original style from fraschetta dei castelli romani: happy music & Reggae) and MARIO DREAD(XClusive eNotic selection in underground cells.

In the basement – tasting of wines from 16:00 at 22:00
Search the Baker cells dell'ammmmmore and its "sweet Effusions". Discover your Enorotica cream
Djset from 18:00 at 21:00

Great stage _ Piazza D'Armi
hours 21.50 _ Spectacle of Love Sharing Show (Interactive theatre)
Through the image theatre shows so ironic and funny how erotic imagery that is proposed to us over and over again by the media. Then asked the audience to take the stage and position the actors and objects at will share

ID Endo with all present their own erotic imagination!

from hours 22:30_ CONCERTS

The Fluffers (Rome)_ Rock Metal
Power trio dedicated to the more rugged rock 'n' roll, a rousing mix of typical power of hc-punk riffs and sharp hard style & heavy.

The Maenad (Rome) _ Alternative Metal
A sound wall that tighten and sharp guitars stand in somber backdrop painted by keyboards: all punctuated by an overwhelming rhythm section and the stark poetry of texts. The Maenad is power and fragility, anger and love, devastation and quiet.
to follow Helligators (Rome)_ Rock Metal
Don't like labels, nor etichettarsi in a genre ... play hard, heavy and do what they will regardless a lot which can be ... it exists only rock'n ' roll ... If when you feel it begin to move his head and loads of energy, works.


In the cellars – wine tasting from 15:00 at 21:00
Search in cells the pastry chef of love and its "sweet Effusions". Discover your Enorotica cream
Djset from 16:00 at 20:00

Strong Wine
17 hours _Pastiche. Material culture to Veronelli
the meeting will see the presence of:
Andrea Bonini, Seminar Director Veronelli
Marco Noferi, Fatherly farm, author of an article dedicated to the oil
Ilaria Bussoni, author of an article dedicated to the figure of Veronelli, the founder of a unique gastronomic "critical"
(in perhaps: Simonetta Lorigliola, Curator of Pastiche and Paul Bellati, La Terra Trema, author of an article hosted by Pastiche)

Great stage _ Piazza D'Armi
hours 22:00_ Spectacle of Love Sharing Show (Interactive theatre)
from hours 23:00_ CONCERTS
In Vino Veritas (Massa Carrara) _ Medieval Music from the Lunigiana, and playful Troubadour
These minstrels will present the show directly from the BESTIARIUM Prague Carnival 2015, with costumes and masks reminiscent of Zoomorphic entity beast, symbolic animals, legendary and mythological will perform songs and folk dances of the middle ages performed with bacchico and spirit with invitations to the Dionysian unleashing.

Working Orchestra (Rome)_ Orchestral music, swing/jazz/vocal
A courageous orchestra that was born and raised in times of crisis; an experimental laboratory that wants to create new sounds by proposing to the public free music from commercial logic and out of traditional and institutional circuits. The ensemble has each time different artists, from musical genres and heterogeneous experiences, giving rise to the production of entirely original arrangement.

In the cellars – wine tasting from 14:00 at 20:00
Search in cells the pastry chef of love and its "sweet Effusions". Discover your Enorotica cream
Great stage _ Piazza D'Armi
Hours 13:00_ Cooking classes ENOROTICA
A unique show that comes directly from the enotica path and two of his characters. The SMALL ANARCHIST BAKER is pleased to present "the simultaneous perception through multiple senses of the same stimulus". Get ready to be doused with enorotica cream!
Great stage _ Piazza D'Armi
hours 14:00_ Radio Cicciuz-selections and Words (so much trash and not only ...)
18.00 hours _ CONCERT
Band BON.NOT (Rome)_ Indie music
hours 19:00_ Circus cabaret
Between a glass of wine and the other will be served stunts, juggling, dance, music ...

hours 20:00_ Fireworks and final toast


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